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dear Father God please will you forgive my recent outburst which has repercussions for my son Kevin some local lads were causing trouble in the street andKEvon was asked tp intervene He was sorting things out calmly but they were abusive so i started shouting and swearing at them and getting myself really agitated with them which was wrong as ive made the whole situation worse they thought it was brilliant fun and things got overheated and other people got involved. they went away victorios that theyd managed to get a reaction out of us but it didnt end there my daughter gave me ahard time 4 it and we have had a fall out and my son says i made it worse 4 him as they know older lads that will beat him up at school. Kevin has had a really hard time at school already he is not a fighter he is 15 and very big he gets a lot of stick at school and has ended up onanti depressents which he still takes now im so frightened of what will happen to him when he goes back toschool and it is my fault for not following ur ways Lord please help this situation and help me to put things right dont let any harm come to my son Lord please protect him i am frightened aswell i was trying to notappear afraid by shouting and swearong at them but inside i was shakingl i wished i had handled it all different but my son isnow in danger because of me .please forgive me lord . if any one reads this please pray nothing happens to kevin i beg of you amen

by Ruthie

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Lord, please keep her son safe. Please protect him.

katherine, va | on Mar 27, 2010

thankyou katherine for ur prayers x

Ruthie | on Mar 28, 2010

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