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Dear Lord, please hear me ,me and my family need protection from evil,strength to move on ,and courage to fight for our rights.I wish my children believe in you God.I wish my life full of strength and delivered from negative thoughts worry and anxiety. I fear the man who not lives in belief of Christ. Who threatens me each time I make a mistake. Who purposely puts me in fear. I can't live broke down. I can't live this way. I need cleaned. I need my sins washed away. I need to start anew without such negativity.I need faith that I can break up with my relationship and move on to better things that won't hurt me or disrespect me.n give me the knowledge n tools to be a better friend n future wife. I understand the pain I caused the gaps I didn't fill n I knowing and purposely left them because I can't use my energy towards that type of person and maybe one day I'll regret it maybe it's for the best but I can do it the only thing that keeps me going in this mess is my daughter n I can't do it anymore.and I'm just hurting him. I'm sorry for my sins .my biggest mistake is exposing my children so I break a heart over my kids. God help my kids understand I love them and they never were last in my life n I always stood up for them and everything I do is for them. No one will come between us. I know I can do this unfortunately the reaction may cause me and my children more pain than we deserve so I guess what I am praying for most is strength to be honest, break up with my boyfriend and whatever manipulative, threatening ,or chaos he brings send me a guardian angel to protect us to get through it with the highest level of maturity possible. I need to be strong my kids need to see me together and they can't see me fall apart. Please I'm calling on all angels to protect us. And pray that he moves on in a healthy way. I'm grateful for all you have done for me. I bow for your blessings with gratitude. Thank you for my food, shelter,car, and wonderful people in my life .in Jesus name I pray Amen

by save me

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