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Need prayer bad please my chest is getting so bad since I woke up this morning...I need so much prayer I'm not sure what it's causing it but I know it hurts bad... please please pray for me..I NEED YOU JESUS! ! I don't know what is wrong but I know it hurts so much. .I believe you have your life on the cross for me and I know that by your stripes we are healed and Jesus I need you to please heal me thus little boy here needs me ..I have so much I want to do for you to go to church and give testimony to my healing and to help others. .I waved to attend church with my family and always always glorify you in all I do. . Help me to always keep faith in you in any and all situations..I live you I'm sorry I have slipped swap from you at times. .poker was me clean please forgive me of al my sins and hello me to be a better person..I can't do this little alone without you.. you Lord are the Almighty Physician abs you Lord can do what no doctor can do.. whatever is causing this bad pain in my chest please heal it please ask you please Jesus hear my cry help me if my blood pressure is up please make it normal and please don't let this be anything bad happening to me. .I feel very nervous and shaky I don't know what any of this means. .I'm agoraphobic so this makes things even harder for me and I don't like being this way I need you Jesus I need you I ask you to please hear my prayers and tge prayers of others... please I was doing so good and even though I didn't Stacy at church long last Sunday I went and that was a lot for me to do. .I had not let my house in so long and then to go to church had been even longer it was years and it felt so good Jesus I went there thinking I would get to go back and stay the entire service tomorrow but now I an stuck in bed as always and I hate it I know this is not how you created me thus us not what you want for my life I an shower to go out and sing your praises and tell of the great things you do and have done and to help other and Jesus I could help them a lot of people know I am in this situation in my life... so I know I could help others just by letting then see me go to my parents and attend church and take my little boy places attend family things and even drive to the store and get food! Jesus please help me please see my years and listen to my heart and know I an sorry for the sin I do and the wrong I do. .I wasn't to be better I will be. .I will live for you and Jesus please help me place hear my cries I need you so much place hello me with every part of my life. .I live you and thank you for al you do and have done havib your life on the Cross and thank you God for servicing your only son to die for us so that we would be saved.m poker had the prayers of everyone in this app and my facebook friend and my family and not friends in my life. .please help them let them all give their lives to you if they haven't yet let every great bow aded every knee bend and every tongue confess you are Jesus Christ ! Lord help those with health problems money problems. .problems at home those who are lost or hurting for any reason please help them and those who have lost their way from you guide them back to you I love you thank you for hearing my prayer and always coming to me when I even only whisper your name you hear me even with just a whisper you are here for me and I thank you Jesus I than you so much please keep me strong against sinful ways in your maybe we pray Amen

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