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Dear God, please help me the devil has really been messing with me lately putting bad thoughts in my head. Everyday he's constantly telling me I should've gotta abortion, my baby won't look like my boyfriend so he's gonna leave me & the baby. God I don't know what to do I pray everyday but he's still bothering me I just feel like crying. God please help me I know my baby is a blessing, I know my baby will look like my boyfriend, & I know he's not gonna leave me. God please keep only good godly thoughts in my head, send your angels to protect me, & I rebuke anything that the devil is trying to do to me & my family.

by Mommy To Be

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I will pray that Gods direction and comfort is with you!

nanna | on Aug 09, 2013

Your in my prayers that God William put a hedge of protection in and around your thoughts!!! :-)

Diamond in the rough | on Aug 09, 2013

I'm not looking for anyone to raise my baby I am keeping him. The devil is just messing with me because he wants me to give up everything but I have God on my side so I know everything will be fine. Also thanks for the prayer I really appreciate it may God bless you.

Mommy To Be | on Aug 09, 2013

I will continue to pray for you and your needs. Blessings on all

nanna | on Aug 10, 2013

Thank you I really appreciate it, I will keep you in my prayers also. May God bless you :)

Mommy To Be | on Aug 11, 2013

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