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God it is so sad I cannot get it together. Because of thoughts of him I cannot get it together causing me to have setbacks. I am so still, so stagnant causing delays in my journey, my success here on this earth. If he only knew the impact he has on my life. This should not be happening. I cannot be shaken from this. Only You God can shake me from this pain, this heartache I experience from day to day.

God I need you to push me, motivate me. When will it be the day when my destiny, my fate arrives to sweep me off my feet. Why do I care now. I care now because his energy is weighing me down. His energy is pulling on me and pulling me in to the point of no return. God I confess. He belongs to someone else. I didn't know at the time till it was too late to take back my feelings. I didn't know I can experience a greater love like this.

Some may say it isn't love because I am hurting. It's hurting me because I know I can't be with him. Our souls connected that no words can explain. It's intoxicating just the thoughts of him.

God I ask you to release this because my daily living is consumed by him. I need peace and I need relief so I can function. Amen!!!

by Anonymous

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