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Dear Lord
i come to You Oh Lord
and i ask that You Will in Your Time and in Your Way
please help my good friend and his mother sort this mess out and when it is the right time help me to see it clearly from You and Only You Oh Lord and close all doors that are not from You Lord in Jesus Name so i can help if i am able to

see as You Know Lord
his mother has a hoarding problem
and my friend has been trying help her over the last 5-6 years
but in her mind she see their is no problem at all
so when i offer to help my friend she said no
and she is in her 90s and strong all a bull as well as stubborn

but just last week
unforuntly she had just fall down on her front steps out side the house
and possible crack or fracture her hip

now she is safe in hospital
and which is so said but she is just freaking out because she wants to get home
now my friend has been trying to very slowly approach cleaning her house and trash and sort out paper etc...
and i just ask him today is their any
way i can help
and he said no in this house their is only one room for one person at time

Lord i ask that You would please open some doors from You and Only You Oh Lord
that can assist my friend and his mothers house in a way where they will not turn or have pay big fee to get help but will help clean and sort out this mess because as You Know either me or my friend or in are great shape physical or emotional and me mentally to take this on

as You Know Lord
i try to take it on in the pass and what end up happen was because things weren't work out at we both felt like we could not breathe
i just completely fell apart and try to commit suicide

so Lord we need Your invention
because at this moment were not sure if they will lose the house
or if his mother will be able to have the surgery or not since her insurance has threading to cut her off
and my friend is completely freak out
and stress out to the max
that he might lose his job and go to prison
because could be flat out blame for how his mother is living
and that Lord is not right because
before i even met him he been try to get his mother to budge and she just won't
but Jesus You Can Soft her heart and make things-happen where we cannot

i share this in Jesus Name Amen

by bcraig

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God bless you friend.... praying

John 16:33 | on Aug 08, 2013

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