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Hello my dear lord hey hey hey it's me again. Praying for my husband's healing my lord, i believe in you my lord that i know he'll be cured. I trust you in our life my lord please don't take him, please not right now, not anytime soon. Please my lord i am begging you, i will not take that, i will lose my mind. I can't bear the thought of losing my husband my lord. I grown so much around here, he gives me thr life that i always wanted my lord, he gives me two beautiful, smart and healthy boys. He gives me love, support, care and inspiration. My lord if i can do anything to helo him, take that cancer away inside him. I can't live without him my lord. Everything that i do he's with me always. I missed him so much already, how much more if you're taking him from us. My lord i know that you have plans for everyone, i am praying my lord for his healing, hope that with this hemp oil and chemo the tumor will start to shrink. I just can't help myself but cry about the situation, i can't do anything but research for anything that will help him live a longer life. My lord i love my husband so much, we have shared a lot of good and bad, ups and down, you name it we have shared our pair of share. Nos that everything is falling into place, we have to face this new chapter of our life. Dealing with cancer, i wish there's no cancer no one should die with cancer, i wouldn't wish this for anyone even to my worse enemies. Hope that they'll find cure soon, no one should die with these fatal disease. My lord I'm just glad that you are there for us always and I'm glad that you never leaving our side my lord. With you my lord it's possible, there's hope and there's a cure we will fight my lord. I will never give up to have my husband for a very long time. My lord thank you for everything, for all the blessings and all beautiful things you have given us. My lord thank you for my edd it's really is a big help, thank you for my citizenship one less thing to worry, thank you for my husband ssd, for my qme hope that it's a good news my lord we could use that money to go home and feed those kids. I will feed those kids my lord, and i will give 100$ to klove my lord when i get that edd payment. I know my lord i promise that i will give klove money but you know our situation my lord, you see that we arr managing the money for mu family, out expenses, bills and for everything. My lord i will feed those homeless kids when we go home my lord, i will give back and feed people who has no food. My lord all I'm asking is a miracle, hope that my husband will response to thr next chemo well. My dear lord i love you and i will make you the center of our life always. Thank you for watching, protecting my family and loved ones always. Thank you for keep healing my mom, dad and my grandma's. Please keep guiding my siblings, nieces and nephews. Thank you my lord for giving me strenght and hope. I believe in you my lord jesus christ. Lord please hear our prayers, christ have mercy, in jesus name i pray, amen.

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