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Can we sing "Thy will is sweetest to me when It triumphs at my cost"?

We may sing it; but it is hard to live it. It is glorious to believe in God at such times at all, and to bow with the pain all through our hearts, and to say, "My God."

In a world over which God rules we should acknowledge His presence and reign in all human experience.

If trouble comes our way by means of natural laws, these laws are ordered by His wisdom.

If by human agency, that agency is the result of the constitution ( character) with which He has endowed man.

If as a result of our own action, He connects actions with their consequences.

We must recognize His hand in all.

In the book of Ruth we find that we can regard nothing as insignificant. Look out for, and follow, the leadings of Divine Providence. "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths!

Divine Providence does not overlook human virtue. Not that man has merit before God; but the fruits of the Spirit are pleasing to the Giver of the Spirit.

May The Lord deal kindly with you, may The Lord bless you or The Lord be with you, is an act of kindness we as Christian's should express to one another, these are forms of Benedictions.

God's kindness to us may take forms which surprise us. As you read the book of Ruth you will see domestic life. The experiences that led to a greater faith in God, despite adversity.

The Lord reigns! And He will be with us always in our pilgrimage. Divine presence in which we all need. Christ will be with us till the end. The Lord will be at hand!

Sometimes we get down on ourselves (self pity) as Naomi said, "God has testified against me," because she became widowed, but as time passes we see the reasons why things happen. The book of Job tells us against misunderstanding the meaning of calamity.

To a true child of God, when things go bad, and the trial requires to trust God and believe "All things work together FOR GOOD unto those who love God," is hard to believe in the midst of pain and suffering and prayer has not been answered as you would want it.

How often is it true, as poet William Cowper knew and sang; "Behind a frowning providence God hides a smiling face!"

We persevere by God's power and strength through us, in trusted in the soul. Psalm 16 David says "You are my Lord" Adonai, the master and deserving. He is the shepherd of over our souls! We can trust our life to God.

When we look to Heaven, we look to a Person, The Lord Jesus Christ. David was aware that God is the maintenance of his lot. But he also knew it comes from good counsel, as God is all wise.

There is a gold mine of truth in the book of Ruth. In reading and believing by faith and aided by the Holy Spirit, prayerfully, understanding will be given, a refreshing of your faith given and spiritually the truth shall set you free.

When you can't sense the purpose of God, God knows the purpose! Remember that! Christ is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He will give you faith to endure. Faith comes from God.

There is a "Divine Mark," upon His word. The promises are there for us. You don't know what God is going to do the next day and the future.

We see the world through different eyes as a Christian. The kingdom of God through trials. God refines us through them and makes us ready for eternity. Every single trial is calculated by God. And the result is our faith will be strengthen. He is working His purpose in us, and He will get the glory.

So when you ask, what is God doing in this? Why is He doing this? We should pray, I don't know why is this for, but I am trusting You! Focus on God. He deals in a very special way with His children.

Christ will sanctify His children, it is the will of God. God's purposes are for a greater plan of redemption. Whatever happens to His elect is for His glory!

Read the book of Ruth, study it and be blessed by it. Know that God is in control and He in His time accomplishes His purpose. Over time Ruth saw this, and for us it will be the same.

In Heaven there is no confusion, only plans.

May The Lord be kind to you! May He bless you! And remember, the sun of prosperity may soon break through the clouds, when there was famine. Our God is King, let Him reign in your life, and trust Him for it!

by Hector

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