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All I know his spirit is weighing heavily on my spirit. My heart hurts. Can't explain these feelings and why I fell in love with him. It just happen and everyday it gets stronger. How did I end up feeling this way? How did I get to this point? My heart comes thru my chest just the thought of him. I never felt this way for anybody. All I want so bad is to hear from him.

Some nights I can't sleep thinking about him. I wake up in the early mornings thinking about him. I truly need closure from him telling me he feels the same way. I know in my hearts of hearts he feel the same way. I'm so afraid of rejection but at least I can heal from this. I keep having these recurring dreams about him.

He came to me in my dreams. He came to my rescue in real life. I felt him then and I still do now. He show me that he was there for me and he didn't want to let me go. I thought I had him that day but he left so quickly. I felt he wanted to tell me but there was other obstacles in the way. The obstacle is of being AFRAID and pouring his heart to me. If that is not a sign then I don't know what it is. You can't tell me it's not love. I know it is. My heart says so but my mind keep creeping in with second thoughts, self doubt and confusion. None can't take that away from me. If he let go, I will let go.

If it's a lie, then I will eventually overcome it and move on. My hands gives me the ability to express these emotions of my true feelings. I keep taking back what I feel but everytime I take it back the feelings keeps growing and getting stronger to the point I have to bring forth these words. I am so ashamed for loving him and feeling this way because it was not suppose to happen. My destiny was not suppose to happen this way. This was not part of the plan. Why God why did this happen? It wasn't suppose to happen this way. This is so difficult to face. It's so embarrassing. I actually in so many words told this man to save me from the pain I'm feeling yet he continues to leave me in the dark. I want to let go and disappear out of his existence so I can heal.

My complicated situation God

by Anonymous

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