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Thank U LORD/JESUS 4 lead'n me 2 da Book of JOB 2nite 2 get the answers I had questions 2. I am no longer worried bout a job b/c U have sumthang much betta nstore'd 4 me. I am no longer worried bout the hardships I've ben thru & am goin thru b/c I kno 4 a fact I wudnt have ben save'd n seek'n u rite now. I am no longer worried bout da wrongs, hurt, & pain d@ so call, "friends, x-partner, & xpecially da enemy" have cause'd n my lyfe. I will no longer let resentment & anger feed my heart b/c it kills me softly.& I'm put'n my foot dwn b/c enuff is enuff. I'm tired of hurt'n, tired of worry'n, tired of feel'n dwn. I cnt & will not play da roll of the fool & ntertain my enemies n da devil b/c dey love 2 c my dwn & kick me whn I'm dwn. I also feel w/o ne doubt d@ the thangs I go thru as well as othas is jus 2 prove da devil wrong. I ratha prove da devil wrong everyday 2 kno I have a spot n Heaven by YOUR side whn I take my last breath. I undastand now d@ U will handle all my problems if I trust n put ALL my faith n U. Thank U again LORD/JESUS n BLESS ALL YOUR followers on this app d@ seek U. N JESUS name I pray. AMEN.

I h8 2 acknowledge u b/c u dnt dserve'd 2 b mention'd @ all...but jus 2 let u kno devil...all my weakness such as fear of failure, fear of bein alone & fear of not have'n nethang. IT DNT EVEN MATTA NE MORE!! I'M TAKE'N EVERYTHING BAC u STOLE 4RM ME!! PLZ BLIEVE D@!!!

by SLManning

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*Mae* | on Mar 19, 2010

Your ( ps) truely blessed me...Amen!!

Meka | on Mar 19, 2010

Lol. Thanx Meka. I had a lot on my heart. But we gotta do wha we gotta do 2 stay strong n faith w/ GOD.

SLManning | on Mar 20, 2010

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