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Father I am tired of my marriage. My husband never spends time with me. He is always on the computer or cell phone or spending time with others. He would do for others b4 doing anything for me. I am tired of him. I am lonely though I have U Father. I have a separated marriage. Show me what to do please Father. Please show me to leave him. I am hurting so bad. Being in a marriage that brings so much pain I should be able to leave. Please Father reveal to me what to do :*( speedily b4 I lose my mind. In Jesus name help me Father :*(


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i have seen the ugly in my own marriage & the pain was enough to make me feel as if i were dying inside. I can tell you that the Lord has seen my pain & has taken care of me while restoring my marriage. it has to be both of you though, not one sided in this desire of marital healing. Speak with your Pastor or sister in Christ. Once you have made your hurt & requests known to God, he will guide you into the decision of whether or not to stay in this marriage. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he's been watching you.Read the word throughout this whole process, itll be like neosporin to the hurting soul. i'll be praying for you.

HoneyBea | on Aug 01, 2013 in the same place. Hurting daily ..I kno the Lord will save an guide. God bless

Anonymous | on Aug 02, 2013

Amen...God is so good!!! God restored me n helped me to see that if I want to win my husband I need to be soft, kind n gentle so that he will respond n to remember we do not wrestle against our husbands or those who hurt us we r actually contending with the enemy n that I am not the only one contending with my husband/enemy others out there r also n that we should not contend with our husbands because at the moment they r being blinded bythe enemy n God said daughter give it all to me n let me fight the enemy n trust that I will win because I have the last word n am more powerful than u so I gave it to God n got in the word n prayed Psalms over my husband n I n here we r doing good PRAISE GOD...there is more to the testimony but that's all I can type for now :) n I thank God n give him all glory for both ur prayers. I pray that he give u the wisdom he gave me n be blessed. Love u all...

MY FATHER\'S DAUGHTER777 | on Aug 03, 2013

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