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Jesus in ur name cover me in your blood and keep me safe and protected from my sleep paralisis sleep disorder nightmare or paranormal activity and all evil entities that attack in my sleep. In jesus name protect my kids my family my friends thier families our country and our world god bless everyone and please forgivw all my sins rebuke all evil and please i ask you keep touching his heart to me please let me hear from him soon in your name amen

by Anonymous

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Perhaps I can help, my husband and I are Christian Paranormal Investigators. We have been through much and experieneced many things. Nothing can harm you especially when you fill your heart with Gods love and ask the angels to spread their wings protecting you and your family. Call upon Arch Angel Michael always during these times. We also burn sage and bless our home often. It is your bright light that attracts and once you make peace with it the dark has no place in your home. Be firm, set your intention with spirit, and know you are very loved and protected. The more love you accept into your own body energy, you leave no room for fear or sickness. Love and light to you . I've been where you are and now it has lessened since I give it no power. Blessings and may peace fill your heart.

SweetSpirit | on Jul 29, 2013

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