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God I hate myself I keep eating so much and having trouble stoping! I'm gaining weight again and I want to lose! I'm about 115 and I want to cut myself so bad! Help me to lose weight so I don't have to cut! If I get on that scale and weigh more than yesterday I'm gonna cut even though its my fault! Since it is my fault I will punish myself!

by 86 grace 4211

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God bless you with sight to see and understanding to deal with the mental issues that make you think your weight is the issue. God bless, Amen

I HAVE GOD | on Jul 27, 2013

115 is a normal to low weight for most girls. If you are gettting this stressed over weight to the point you will mutilate your body hy cutting it I think you may have an eating disorder abd I encourage you to pray about that. I will pray for you in this regards.

Anonymous | on Jul 27, 2013

I don't think I have an eating disorder if I'm not by the symptoms like weight loss and stuff! So technically I'm not anorexic! I used to be last year when I was 14-15 yrs and 90 lbs am I mean I was obsessed with weight!

-86 grace 4211

Anonymous | on Jul 27, 2013

How tall are you? If you are under five feet then 115 may be a little over weight but not enough to cut yourself. If you are 5-5 foot 5 then 115 is normal. If you are over 5 foot5 then 115 is thin. If you are gorging on food and then trying to get slim you could have bulimia. But a label does not matter when you will cut yourself based on food and weight then something is not right. If you are a Christian then it is important to remember 2 things. 1) your body is the holy temple of God where the holy spirit resides so your body is not there for you to harm be cutting it. It is your responsibility to protect your body from that sort of harm. Your body was made by God. Your body is worth protecting. Your body is very valuable. 2) where are you getting your joy from? If gaining weight distresses you to the point of wanting to self mutilate, then you must be getting your joy from the idea of being thin. If you are a Christian then you will understand thatthis is a worldlyjoy not a Godly or heavenly joy therefore it is not a worthwhile thing to invest your life in. God says to build our treasures in heaven because heavenly treasures last forever worldly treasures are here today and gone tomorrow or they are deceptive. Weight is a deceptive worldly treasure that is best not to be invested in. it will totally rob you of your joy which is evidenced in your case by the deepdistr

Anonymous | on Jul 28, 2013

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