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How Long, O Lord

When, O Lord, shall I ever be free
From the turmoil I have inside?
When will I finally know the freedom,
I should have in Jesus Christ?

There’s no one that could understand
What I go through every day,
They cannot see inside my heart
Nor feel the words I pray

I know, my Lord, you’re drawing out
These things I’ve buried deep,
That I may face them at this time,
Though it causes so much grief

I know I need to deal with this
In order to be moving on,
But I need to ask this one thing, Lord,
I need to know, ‘How long’

How long, O God, will I be this way?
When will I finally be free?
How long will I cry out to you?
O Lord, please answer me

I feel at times like giving up,
But I know I must press through
It seems so overwhelming, Lord
And so very hard to do

I know I need to focus on
One little step at a time
For that is all I can take right now
For the way is steep to climb

I thank you, Lord, you understand,
You know just how I feel
And you will bring me through one day,
Freed, and totally healed

I long, O God, for that day
When I shall be restored
And become the person I should be
Bringing glory to you, Lord.


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God bless you all..

† CARLOS † N.Y.C † | on Jul 26, 2013

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