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Not breathing well at all and dizzy please please pray for me!! I'm not sure what's wrong..please Jesus heal me please..I don't know what's wrong I an also pale with dark circles under my eyes..Jesus I need you I need you so much please help me please Heavenly Father heal little boy needs me my parents need me so many please Jesus I'm crying out to you phase cone heal what ever is going on..I am scared I know I'm not supposed to be but I am scared ..I feel like I don't know what's going on..I got up yesterday and walked in you're faith and did a lot of house work..and I was so blessed oh how grateful I an I was able to get up and do that work and spend time with my little boy we did house work together and just had a good day..I felt like a good mom for once..I thank you for that was a beautiful day!!!! Please Lord heal me I need you I ask you to please hear my cry each out your hand and heal me please Jesus!!! This to shall pass! I know I will be healed I know this I know you will heal me at any moment I will feel great!!!! I know I will be healed..please forgive me if all my sins the ones I knowingly commit and the ones I unknowingly me to be a better person and to live a life pleasing to someday I well see the Kingdom of God..I love you so much and thank you for giving your life on the cross for me for all of died on the cross for us I have never and will never experience so much one well ever live me like you..thank you Jesus..please hero me to over come this agoraphobia and to attend church with my little boy and my fiancee and I wasn't to work at a church and help others like me and oh how I want yo give testimony to my healing you have given me..thank you Jesus!! I have not received it yet but I know I an going to get it at any time!! I love you Lord please help me ..I am depending on you for so much Jesus phase forgive me for not being very strong and for not being as good of person as I should be but I am working on it..I love you in your name I pray amen

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