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Lord,my partner is still cheating with the adulteress since I was pregnant. Baby is 6 months old now. They are still cheating me. My partner is very mean to me,he wanted to kick me out of house . He said if I'm at home,he can't bring his gf home. He has been jobless since baby was born.he made me paid everything but he spend fortune on the gf. My heart is broke,and I'm broke too.owing credit cards debts but no job. What can i do to stop him comitting adultery?I tried to get him to church and receive gospel,but he refused.he said he will not go church unless God show how existence.iasked him for counseling but he refused too.I asked him to go to see psychiatrist for his personality disorder,he refused too. I'm stucked. What can i do to stop him seeing the adulteress? Lord,do you think I should let her husband know? Brothers and sisters in the forum,can anyone advise me whether I should call her husband? Because I have been waiting for so long,but they are still cheating even I found out. What can i do for our newborn?she deserves a happy family. I pray that Lord will be mercy to me and my daughters,I pray that Lord will guide me out of this calamity. I pray th5 Lord will guide me to get a good job and help me with financial breakthrough. I pray that Lord will protect me from harm,I don't want to be overwhelmed by heartbroken anymore?why I'm showing mercy to the adulteress but she takes me as a fool? Why I treat my partner so good,but he treated me badly?should I just let him go,should I just let them be together? Should I call her husband? Answer me,Lord. I am lost. In Jesus name,Amen.

by mich

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Beloved my heart goes out to you .. it starts with you first loving yourself.. you deserve the best in this life. you have a beautiful child to live for.. Dnt be entertangled in this web of Deceit .. God gives us everything to work with and let wisdom be your perfect wrk.. no one can tell you to leave this situation but you dear.. dnt settle for the sake of having someone near.. you know how you should be treated.. be strong sometimes we have to look deep within and the revelation be there all along.. it can only change if you want it to and that begins with you .. be encouraged god is everything in any situation.. %uD83D%uDE4F

Favor oh lord ! | on Jul 25, 2013

I have been in a similar situation. U must think about your daughters. Do u want them to think the way u r being treated is OK or normal ? Do u want them to find someone who treats them like this ? It is not easy , the pain does not just go away but it does get better. My only regret when I finally healed was that it took me so long to leave . This is not about u. This is about him. No man would do this . They would make sure his baby was taken care of and either work it out or leave nicely. He is doing non of that . There is nothing u can do to make him become a man. This is his problem not yours u deserve better . I pray that some of this becomes clear to u. By giving him what he needs money u r only helping him hurt u and taking whatever u have away from taking care of your babies. S real MaN would never let u do that . If u tell the husband do not expect he will come to a Jesus moment . Again he is not healthy and does not want to grow up . If its not this girl it will be another. I wish I could take this pain away. Please please take care of yourself. If your daughter was in this relationship what would u tell her ? U deserve just as much as your daughters. Please take care of u.

Anonymous | on Jul 25, 2013

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