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can prayers make a seriel cheater who is a compulsive liar with pshycopath disorder change? i have been praying for so long, but last week i have just found out he was having affair with a married woman at work since last year when i was pregnant. He repent and said he will change. I forgave him once again because Lord said forgive when there is repent. But he lied to me even when he repent. lord,if there are really good men in these world. pls show me. please send a gd man who is willing to love me and my babies. Although im not a perfect person but each and everyday im doing all i can to be a faithful partner and gd mom.But my baby's dad only appreciate and see good values at other women. Lord, why create cheaters to break other's heart. Thought human should respects and loves our neighbours. But i hardly see this value on ppl. In these world,majority of people are selfish with their own needs and self centered. Lord,what happened to these world? And why would other people want to hurt another just to cheat with my baby's dad? they know that he is attached but why they still want to be involved in the relatipnship? esp the recent one,she is married with 3 kids, she is my husband's boss.everybody knew he was going to be a dad soon. but she was willing to cheat on her hudband and be his invisible mistress. Sigh,what is wrong in these world? How come there are so many bad person in these world? lord,can u please show them your wrath? When is my partner going to wake up from his own world,when he is down he is jobless and tons of debts. he put all the blames on people.he even make me liable on everything saying i brought him badluck. he said even if he was gd luck in between the relationship because he was seeing someone. They brought him gd luck. he is bad luck now cause he chose to stick with me. Seriously years down the road being emotionally and verbally abused i no longer know my pride as a woman,i no longer feel when is the right time to feel heartache because everything he said was so mean and bad. i realised my tolerance level is getting so high until i have no self respect anymore. Lord,save me. Give me courage to get out of this comfort zone. i dont know why lord let me have his children. now we are suffering. i blame myself for everything. but why lord let this happen to a woman who is fear of lord. Lord,please show me youe existence. In jesus name,Amen.

by Mich

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I don't know if you are serious when you use the term psychopath. If you are really serious then you must be very careful and it is even more imperative that you reach out for help to others and ideally an organisation for support in moving on from this relationship.

Tough love time:- it's not God's fault that people do wrong, Hegives us free will and we choose sin.Neith should you be placing the blame for your partners infidelity on the people he cheats whith...that is between them and God, you issue should be with the man who cheats and with yourself for going back to him multiple times.

You should definitely pray for him, but some people never accept Christ and change so perhaps you need to consider ending the relationship with suppor if necessary. Youwillneed to weigh up the risks and benefits to staying or going and then try to get some support. I know it doesn't feel like it right now but you are loved my God in a way you never dreamed. He sometimes allows us to go through pain if it means that we will run closer into His arms. Make sure that what your going through brings you closer to God instead of hardening your heart. God bless you xxx

Anonymous | on Jun 21, 2013

Pray that God will lead you to where you need to be

Anonymous | on Jun 21, 2013

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