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I love The Lord because He heard my plea for mercy, and listened to me. As long as I live, I will call to Him when I need help. Psalm 116:1-2.

David was attracted with the sweetness of God's goodness, and placed his hope and confidence in God alone. The experience of God's grace in his lifetime gave David the faith to call upon God during his days when he needed assistance. Because God bowed His ear to David in time of adversity, and gave hope of deliverance, he gave himself to prayer all his days.

Gracious is The Lord who listens to us when we pray. God lays His ear as it were, to the mouth of prayer. He hearkens and hears. We must place our walk with Him under His guidance and guardianship and experience His grace.

During our days we will call upon Him. Pursuing that same course all our lives trusting in Him alone. Asking His assistance in the season of necessity. Because He bows His ears to our prayers, we will acknowledge His wisdom and His timing through providence.

God's aid in the midst of misfortune, His fatherly kindness toward His children as He manifests His wisdom in our circumstances and His invisible hand moving in our behalf.

By the grace of God, a strong faith quiets the conscience. And His peace which passes all understanding, Phil. 4:7.

Providence is wiser than you, and you may be confident it has suited all things better to your eternal good than you could do had you been left to your own option.

Fill your hearts with the thoughts of Him and His ways. And remember the works of The Lord in your life and meditate on them. Ps. 77:11-12. Isa. 41:17-18. God comes near to us in Providence. He is near to all that call upon Him. Ps. 145:18.

Prayer honours providence, and providence honours prayer. It has the very signatures of your prayers upon them! Your Heavenly Father knows what you need, 1 Peter 5:7; Matt. 6:32.

You have but to acquaint Him what you need, and your needs will be supplied, Phil. 4:6. Do not torture yourselves about it, you have a Father that cares for you.

Here David describes his problems to God. Now can we say this? Not if we never pray. Not if we do not look out for the answers in the right way, believing and in the place where they are to be looked for. How slow are we to pray? What a number of desires we have! What unbelief mingles with our prayer?

If He hears our prayer, He shall bear our praise, and we will hear His word, and we will tell others of His goodness. For God to hear is for God to heed , and for God to heed us is for God to bless and help. There is a bright light in the cloud of darkness.

There is a direct conflict of a man or women's of trust and despair. The souls love to God struggles hard to hold it's own. We must cling to what God is, and is to us. Be open to God's working in your faith.

Are you at this time uncertain about God? We may want to doubt, if we can. We may want to trust, if we can. Love for God and trust should be your base, this is what this psalm (116) is about.

God's plan in our life is not at present offered to our understanding. We don't grasp all it's intentions. We fail to discern the plan, it is offered to our faith. This is heavens view which mysteries are held till they are unfolded in time.

So we pray for Providence to unfold. In His way, in His time. The trouble that causes you tears (grief). The distresses and anxieties you go through, God will use. You will see when a child cries it is very hard to see them cry, and we want to wipe away the tears.

When we look over our life, we often can see the wisdom and goodness manifested in isolated scenes and incidents; but we fail to see the wonderful ways in which the different experiences fit in together.

Trust in The Lord, and keep praying. Providence has eyes and is watching over you! In Heaven there is no confusion, only plans. God listens to our prayers and pleas and works in our circumstances, pray until something happens. Jesus is our High Priest and will not forsake us in time of need!

by Hector

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Thank you, as always you are very wise.

HJR | on Jun 19, 2013

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