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Maybe i should give up maybe u dont hear me maybw i should listen to those who tell me to give up on my dreams and faith because it seems no matter how much i believe and have faith and profess i believe or say thank you i never seem to be heard please god do u hate me am i that bad that i deserve no love or no friends ijn i beg u please amen

by anonoymous

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That's exactly how I feel and don't do that suddenly someday there will be a whole new you that god placed his heart in you so you don't have to give up, hear me or listen to. whatever you keep saying that tot to yourself that and that you can't do it that's not how god will help you out its how you do it

kara hawkins | on Jun 16, 2013

I know how you feel I have been in your position so many times and sometimes I still feel like it. But never give up on the Lord because he will never give up on you. Don't listen to others who say give up your dreams and faith, listen to what your heart says, the Lord loves Us very much and he doesn't hate you. Keep strong and remain faithful the Lord will provide you have just got to believe

GodLovesUS | on Jun 16, 2013

Never doubt in darkness what God told you in the light.
Sometimes in our darker moments we lose sight of God but he IS there and he is with you. May he make his face shine upon you.

Anonymous | on Jun 16, 2013

I wish he would show me i am begging ive done my best i try so hard and i have always believed always prayed always had hope yet it seems he never hears my prayers for my life to get better and for me to be loved

anonoymous | on Jun 16, 2013

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