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Psalm 40, speaks of deliverance David experienced at the hand of God. His desire to praise and thank God for his personal experience in waiting for the answered prayer even in the midst of tribulation and distress.

Despite the trials David said in verse 3; He (God) put a song in his mouth, a hymn of praise to unto our God. There's more to this verse, but I want to concentrate on this.

When you go to church on Sunday do you go to worship God or yourself? Whom do you worship that day, God or your felt-needs. You see though you may be going through a hard time at the moment, God knows.

Yet we must patiently wait for The Lord in persevering prayer, and when at church we go to listen with a heart to learn and apply what we learn to our lives, a doer of the word not just a hearer, as the Holy Spirit instructs us the revealed will of God.

No Christian is without trials, that's for sure, and more will come as time marches on. As we grow in our Christian faith over the years our faith will be strengthen, and our trust in God will grow, as we learn which the heart must be tutored in the school of trouble.

Answer to prayer may not be immediate, but perseverance in prayer expresses itself in humble submission to God's Sovereignty and longing for a "new" expression of God's covenantal faithfulness (Ps. 37:34; 38:15; 39:7). The rock is symbolic of God's protection (27:5).

There is a song to learn in tribulation, and in trial it is that much sweeter. You see an ungodly heart emerging from trouble, has the sense of relief, escape, but not deliverance!

Deliverance is sweetest, most joyful in the exercise of God's love, His power, His care. The answer to prayer, the fulfillment of promise. Your experience in the wait will:
1. Enrich Spiritual Life
2. Be made wiser
3. Be made Stronger
4. A humbler faith

When tribulation has wrought patience (Rom. 5:3-4), when "our extremity has been God's opportunity," and His presence has grown more real, His promises more precious and full of comfort; when we have learned to pray as never than before and prayer has been answered.

When we have been made to feel our utter weakness, and our Saviour's strength has been perfected in us. Then the very trial which threatens to confound and uproot our faith becomes the school in which we learn to trust God and know Him, and therefore to praise Him as never before 1Peter1:7.

This psalm of deliverance in one worthy of meditation. I would not want to go through the trial I am going through right now again, humanly speaking. But I would not trade it for any price of money because God lovingly allowed it or afflict it for His purpose.

I will praise Him in the storm and praise Him the calm when He delivers me. Praise Him in prayer and in public continually. My deliverer, in His time, in His way what He has for me without complaint.

Pray until something happens brothers and sisters, and continue to trust God and praise Him always.

by Hector

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