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I declare a wind.. a wind to brush through this app.. and touch everyones heart! A wind to bring upon BREAKTHROUGHS! Financial Breakthroughs.. Relationship Breakthroughs... Promotional Breakthroughs.. MIRACLE Breakthroughs!! Health Breakthroughs.. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE LORD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH.

The army of the Philistine came to destroy David because he had been anointed to king, (God rewards His people, promotes His people), they were upset and David was worried and asked the Lord, Shall I go out against them, and will You deliver them into my hands?.. The Lord said to David ..GO, and I will deliver them into your hands.

David had the victory. God won the battle for him! God is going to win the battle for you, but Hes gonna use you, just like He used David. Dont be discouraged or afraid or worried when adversity comes. He is going to use that same thing to show this world His power.

David named that very place where the army, where the enemy came to attack David, he named it Baal Perazim (Bay-el-Pera-zim) -GOD OF THE BREAKTHROUGH. God is going to provide a breakthrough for you guys.

Hallelujah.! Declare it.. Shout it out loud.. dont let the enemy tell you to shut up.. dont let him steal your voice. the devil who reigns!!

God is using you, He has a plan.

The Word says ..ALL things are possible.. not some.. not for some people, not these things, not those things. ALLLL things, are possible because we serve the GREATEST GOD && The ONLY GOD.

Take the limits off our God! Praise Him.. dont waste your time worrying, dont waste your time crying, get up on the inside.. and stir up some holy anger. Put your gloves on and beat the heck out of that enemy. Whether its people, bill collectors, family, car problems, health, strayed loved ones, empty fridge!! Go out there and show the world who we are!

Be responsible with your money brothers and sisters.. set the standard. Be responsible with our words. Set the example.

I love you all.


by Elizabeth. [email hidden from spammers]

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katherine, va | on Mar 13, 2010

In Jesus' name Amen, Amen....Thank you Lord.....

P3cor@ | on Mar 13, 2010

I couldn't said it any other better words..aammeenn!!!!pray for a breakthrough in my releationship..that these chains get jesus name..amen

Anonymous | on Mar 13, 2010

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