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Oh Lord, I just want to give all this pain I've been bottling in up to you. This recent heartbreak nearly killed me, literally, but I can't keep doing this anymore. I can't keep being so broken when someone leaves because that means I was broken when they got there also. Please complete me Father. Help me love myself as I am. I want to just let it go. Please. I can't keep doing this anymore. The devil is trying to break me down. He keeps putting my ex's name in my mind, keeps replaying our good memories, keeps making me think about if someone will take my place. I go to sleep? And I dream of him there with me and me lying on him as I used to to fall asleep. And it hurts so bad. I just want it to go away. I beg of you. Please. I miss the memory, not the man. He changed so much after hanging with the same bad people again and then a couple of his friends were murdered. I stayed around when his emotions were hot and cold with me but I knew he was hurting. I took the blows he gave when he didn't even realize. I love him so much God. Please, please take the mean words he said when he broke up with me out of my head. The harshness and the coldness of him still replays in my mind too. I want to just stop thinking. It makes me so sick. I can't stop crying or hurting. Its been a couple weeks since we broke up and I told him I forgive him for how he hurt me throughout the whole end of our relationship and he ignored me. I can't keep feeling like this. I just want to let it go. Please. Have mercy on him Lord. He hurt me so bad. He took my heart when he left. 4 years gone just like that? Please Lord. Show me your glory. I need you. I rather not hurt at all but God I miss our memories so dearly. He changed and I pray you soften his heart and may he come closer to you. Everyone says I deserve better, but I'm still crying and yearning for the man I once knew. He had my emotions all over the place since he had that traumatic event happened to him because one minute he's affectionate and promising a future with us, the next he's distant and believing I would betray him. You taught me how to love and be loyal and I did it. I never was going to give up on him. It went to waste God. I thought he was the one. He taught me how to love again. He knew about my past hurts. But he broke his promise to me. I'm so hurt God. I need to let go of it all. All of the pain. Forgive me Lord. I forgive all who have hurt me. This pain is too much to carry alone. I let it all go. Send me the man I am destined to be with. The one who appreciates your word on how to treat me. I miss him Father. My body doesn't react well to stress and I'm scared something bad will happen to me again because of it and I feel it in my headaches, chest pains and stomach pains. I can't do this anymore. Please. Take this pain away. I give my burdens to you Father. Show me what to do to heal completely. I'm so tired. Help me Jesus. Please comfort my broken heart and weak soul. Take away these evil thoughts I beg. May your will be done Lord. I am placing my full trust in you. Right here. Right now. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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