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I feel like iam deomond possed at times is their anybody or a preacher or something i can contack ??????????????? Got so many things in my life i need to be free


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If you have asked Jesus into your heart then it is impossible for you to be with a demon like That how ever the enemy of out heart is very real and can cause all kinds of grief here's just a few tips guard your heart and home by reading the word of god praising in the spirit worship is what wins wars there could be a dark spirit do you have anything in your home that would be considered un clean by biblical standard ? These open doors for our enemy god says we are to keep our hearts pure the way we do that is mind what you say things that you see and hear effect what you think about and that's away for the enemy to reek havock on your heart take a look at movies books music old items do they glorify god do you feel negitive because of bad memories attached to certain things you probably have some emotional stuff that's never been delt with fro
The past forgiveness remember it doesn't make them right but it sets us free

Anonymous | on May 02, 2013

I have been sining I been wacthing porno movies in taking pain pills I am a christain iam addict to sex porno pain killers

STUcK IN THE MIDDLE | on May 02, 2013

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