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The Lord will PERFECT that which CONCERNS ME. Psalms 138:8

There are many things that concern us but what they are we must prayerfully leave to The Lord to determine. Mercy is sweet in the promise, and much more so in the providential performance of it to us.

Whatever really concerns us The Lord will see after, and bring it to a perfect issue, whether it be what has to do with our outward circumstances, or with it's far more importance, my standing in His sight, the condition of our soul.

God does not do anything apart from His perfection. The perfection of His knowledge. Prayer is God's secondary cause. God is the primary cause of everything. Do things unfold because God decreed them? Yes!

For what is the work of providence but the execution of God's decree and the fulfilling of His word and will. In God's purposes and promises, whatever providence does concerning them, it is for our good!

We can say; "I will cry unto God Most High, unto God that performs ALL THINGS for me. The haughty heart will not listen when God speaks, the humble heart is open and receptive.

His promise and His performance is to "Sustain our Spirit,"to"Strengthen us with strength in our soul." We think that we can not possibly endure the weight of our afflictions that press upon us; but He makes us know the "Exceeding greatness of His power to us ward who believe." He revives us, He renews our hope, our confidence, our courage. He gives us with all sufficient grace. For the task we have to undertake for the suffering we have to bear.

If He strengthens then us to keep hold of Himself by faith, and to wait with patience for the event, we are bound to be thankful! We have ways in which WE EXPECT answers to come, and because they do not come in the EXPECTED ways we fail to recognize them as answers at all.

God is answering in His way and in His time. The morning of joy which is promised us may be a long way off; many a dark hour may have to pass Before that will dawn for some. But during the night of sorrow He will gives us songs, He will sustain our spirit's, He will makes us to glory in infirmity because Christ's own power rests upon us.

For those who have been praying for awhile, God is faithful even in the wait. The first time you came by faith in faithful believing prayer He has answered. It's on it's way in His most perfect time. Be confident of that! His way, His time.

The Lord will perfect what concerns you! He is aware of His promises. He is a good God. He can not deny His word. If we are in a season of darkness where He is silent. Focus on growing closer to Him, trust His wisdom, If He is chastising you, confess your sin and repent.

He is the Author of our faith, our salvation is secure. He gives us faith when we need it. He is aware of our makeup, and aware of our need! Jesus is in the boat with you and will take you to the other side. Trust His sovereign hand! For He is in control of the storm and all He allows in our life. Our faith will be strengthen, which is built on the Rock, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

by Hector

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