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I come to You Father thanking You for all You do and all You have instore for me. Help me to obey Your will for me. Help me to trust all decision that comes from You and only You. I love You Lord. Thank u for another day. Forgive me of my sins. Forgive those who have sined against me. Thank You Lord, for working with my back problems/ spine, and I know You are also heelng all my joints. Show me how to loose the weight I truely needs. Take away my desires of obsessed in junk food, and in over eating. Help me to nurish my body as I should. Help me to learn how to be whom You attended for me to be. Bring me to a place that's satisfying to You and me Lord. Lord Jesus make my eyes the clearest it has ever been. Open up doors that's make a great differant in my life. Thank You Lord for my job. Give me wisdom and strength to stay with this company at lease 6 more years. Lord I pray for a mericul of a promotion , I'm praying about a promotion that was deliberate kept from me. Lord they keep me from expanding, they block me;but You oh Lord can put a stop to it. Thank You Lord for caring, when I look to my left, and my right and across from me, and the back of me, all around me . They're against me gaining up on me, standing in my way and going out of the way to make sure I don' t make it from a 1 position to a 2 position. Lord I have put in 5 years and I was siped over me for someone who put in 2 years, then he quit for a differsnt position. Lord I pray for a higher position then the one I've been kept from. If it is Your will for another, beter and differant position for me, one from another department, which they have nothing to do with, then they have no say so over. One that I can pay my bills with, & have plenty over I will be so honer. Lord I'm looking up to You to help me, They don' t want me, and they only need me to be mean to. And to pretend Lord You know the whole situration. Lord I had been working around this situration far too long; I tried and tried, please inconven and give me mercyful favor, I don't know how to hide my tears any more. I don't have a coworker, or friend to go to even share my hurts. WIll You please come to my resue. Thank You Lord, in Jesus sweet name.

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Vitamin E will help you obesity-related condition.(Google it or go to Dr.oz's app and ask him about it) if you like a friend my Email is [email hidden from spammers] .com.God Bless you!!! God Love you! :-)

AGNEL OF HOPE | on Apr 30, 2013

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