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Whoever reads this. I'm asking to please pray to God for me. See my family well I decided to give my life to Christ and I have failed cause they think I take it to far if I pick a Bible study over a childs birthday,baptism etc. I'm a mess. My mom called me Satan and said I'm cold and come from a hateful church. Where am I the light here? What will make them see God in me?. I really need to move out I am of age 33! I feel like I'm failing over and over and I really need someone to pray that God forgives me for being selfish for asking this. Im here alone cause my family is at my baby neices 1st Bray and I feel bad I choose not to go cause I know that their is probably gonna be drinking and cursing. I'm already probably being talked about as a bad sister and aunt. I pray that the Lord forgives me cause I didn't know what choice to make. Please pray for mercy on my soul and a open door from God only to make better choices. Amen

by notworthy

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Everything will get better! If god takes you into trials; he will lead u through them! Don't worry bout that!

Anonymous | on Apr 28, 2013

Just, continue to pray,and lift your eyes to the Lord.people are to talk about you wheir you are living for the Lord or not.But remember what you do for the Lord last.
Please read 2peter 5:7. And mediate on it day and night.
And you be ashame of the hope that is in side you.

Sister Rosie | on Apr 28, 2013

It is extremely difficult to be constantly in the same environment with others who are "unequally yoked", as the Bible describes it.
Remember the Bible statements that Jesus spoke. "A Prophet is not without honor except in his own hometown" and that there will come a time when, "A man's enemies will be from his own household".
I do agree that it would be best if you did have your own place.
Being a Christian is very hard and required self-denial..."Take up your cross and follow Me".
The "prosperity gospel" in regards to material things and the things of this world, is a lie.
All the martyrs suffered.
People who are not Christian have the spirit of the world in them. True Christians have the Holy Spirit at work in them and they are "in the world but not of the world". Conviction comes upon these people when a Christian tries to follow and preach Christ. Keep praying. Try not to get caught in an argument. Walk away. Humble yourself. It won't be easy. Keep running your race and endure until the end, in Jesus' name. Amen

God\'s Grace | on Apr 28, 2013

Thank you all for you words of God and encouraged. I'm so fearful for you to take the time out to respond. It feels like love. May God continue to shine His powerful love through you. AMEN

notworthy | on Apr 29, 2013

Meant thankful not fearful

notworthy | on Apr 29, 2013

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