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God please bring him back to me. I don't want to have to let him go again a second time. Yes he's hurt me so bad but he's been so hurt and he won't ever open up to me and tell me unless he's intoxicated. Father I need you. I truly do. You know my heart. I miss my baby. I miss him so much. Please bring him back to me. I beg of you Lord. Please. I miss him and I know unless he's changed when he comes back I'll be doing most of the work In the relationship but I don't want to be without him yet. I'm not ready to. Please don't let it end like this. With his coldness and my mean words. Father everyone says to let him go because he lives a dangerous lifestyle again but I just want to help him like he used to help me. Ever since his friends had been murdered and he started hanging out with those "hood" friends again in late December and his friends killed in January, he has changed. He has hurt me and been so cruel with his coldness at times but I stayed there with him bc you gave me a heart full of love. You know I would never give up on him. I don't want to throw 4 years out the window. I want who he used to be back. Please bring him back to me if and when he's changed. I love him so much. I saw him in my future God. Please don't take away the one man I truly am in love with. I need you Lord. I promise not to put my relationship before you again. I just keep forgetting my worth bc he never apologizes. I always do it for him. I've excused him so many times and fixed our relationship by myself so many times since January but he was so cold to me 2 weeks ago. Help me Jesus. This has been so hard. This is breaking me down. Help me Father. I need you. Pleaseeeee. I beg. My heart is breaking. You know how much I can take and this is breaking me down. Show him his wrong. Soften his heart. Show him how much you love him. Show him how much I love him. Show him Lord please. I love him so much. Please help me Jesus. I know you got me in the palm of your hand. Just please please ease this pain. I beg. Please also hold my sister also. We both are going through tough times with men. She's amazing and I pray you bring a man to her that shows her just what she deserves and how much she deserves. Amen.

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