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I let him go God. He isn't good for me. I accept that You are blessing me by allowing this bad break up. He has changed and so has his lifestyle and I am not ready to put my loved ones or myself in danger. This abuse has got to stop. I surrender my heart back to you. He no longer is my everything. I apologize for treating him like he was my everything instead of you. I know you are a jealous God and I accept that he is not the good person I once knew. I must move on and be strong. I let It all go. The devil will not win this battle because if he had, my ex would still be in my life draining me. That shall be no more. I'm not going to "fix us" like I always used to even when it was him that was wrong. I know my worth Father and I trust that you'll bless me with better. 4 years gone out of the window but I've cried enough these past 2 weeks. I'm done grieving. I haven't lost anything good. He did. When he broke up with me and hurt me with his coldness? He hurt God's child. "Vengeance is mine", saith the Lord and I trust YOU. Have mercy on him. Soften his heart. Bring him closer to you. Maybe one day after I heal, may he find me again and we finally speak on what is truly wrong with him. May I be able to be a blessing in his life as he was once a blessing in mine in the beginning of our relationship. He's been so hurt but I can no longer save him. Only you can Lord. I ask that you show Him the right way Father and that one day he can understand my love for him and how deep it was. I need to finally protect and love me first. I love you Lord and I'm sorry for praising, worshipping, and putting my relationship before you. You deserve the praise, honor, and glory. You protected me in some way and I feel like it's from danger. I trust you. Keep me in your arms as I learn to be alone after 7 yrs of always having someone back to back. I'm ready to love myself. To make you, my family and loved ones, and myself proud. I need your glory Lord. Help me to forgive and let go. Help me to be strong. Be my rock Father. Be my strength. Send me what I deserve and may I never again forget my worth. Forgive me for the many sins I have committed. I know I must forgive him for hurting me and I will. I let it go right now. I forgive him. I let him go. I will no longer hold onto what you're trying to pull away. I am blessed. Bless me Oh Lord. Show me your face. Hold me. Ease this pain please Father. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

by Anonymous

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Sis don't feel bad. You will strong as ever....

priya | on Apr 27, 2013

You deserve someone better

Anonymous | on Apr 27, 2013

May God give you strength to cope in this situation.

Anonymous | on Apr 27, 2013

Thank you all so much. Just pray for me please..

Anonymous | on Apr 27, 2013

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