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Lord please let Dylan come back into my life lord I know I have messed up so much and hurt him many times but I don't think I can take him being one hundred percent gone out of my life lord. I've got things to work on lord and I pray that you guide me in the right direction as I go throughout my days lord help me be good to him lord he deserves more than I can give lord but please don't take him out of my life right now lord I know you have my life planned out and that I should solely trust you but lord it hurts so bad and lord you may have the plans to bring him back in my life one day lord but I ask that you don't take him completely out yet. Lord I thank you for all the special memories we had I thank you for all those date nights and those wonderful laughs I thank you lord for giving me such a wonderful person for three years that I fell I'm love with and someone I finally felt completely comfortable to be around. Lord thank you for all you did while I was considered his girlfriend but lord please allow me to be that again one day and maybe even more. Lord when I picture my future all I see is Dylan ja cross in it lord I would love to be mrs Dylan ja cross but I know you have my life planned out for me and I should trust you completely. Lord I'm sorry for being angry with you so much the past few months lord I let my emotions take over my life and I shouldn't have pushed you out of my life but lord I'm asking you to forgive me for my wrongs and let Dylan know that I'm completely sorry for everything and saying I would commit suicide lord I know it had to be the devil pulling on me to say those things. Lord I thank you for waking me up to live another day on this beautiful earth you created and lord I pray you allow me to have a good day and for Dylan to treat me as I should be lord I thank you for all you have given me in Jesus name I pray amen

by Lindsay G

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I pray for you and no this sense of loss because I am going through a devastating break up right now too. May God hold us and show us his reason for removing the men we love from our lives. Maybe its Gods way of allowing us to work on ourselves. Be strong hun. I'm right with you.

Anonymous | on Apr 27, 2013

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