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I need to clarify my epiphany last night. When I was speaking/ writing in terms of tests of the flesh. Temptations of the flesh and this world, when we are faced with those temptations. Our faith in God is what is tested. The Devil, darkness and evil is always there tempting us. It is up to us to choose, stand fast in our faith in God. God does not place evil in our lives. The Devil does. God gives us the free will to chose which path we take. Gods test is a test of faith. It is through our faith, trust and love for Him that we overcome those temptations and darkness. "Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil..." The choice is to rely on God and not give in.
God is talking to us. He wants us to do right. If we truly have faith, we can hear him. During those "tests" trials and tribulations, it is our choice to have faith and patiently listen for God. The amazing thing is... If we ask, we shall receive. If we seek, we will find. If we knock, He will answer. It is a free will choice to have faith and trust in God.

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I have that problem so badly, I keep trying to over ome but Its so hard :(

Ian Derrick | on Apr 27, 2013

I pray that anything we may be waiting to be revealed is revealed through the Spirit. Lord light our path, renew our minds, which holds the power to ignite choices, which will lead to positive change, we possess the power to choose righteous over evil. Choose good, be empowered by it, let it plant a seed that grows around your life, family, community, city, state-the world. In Jesus name. Amen.

Anonymous | on Apr 27, 2013

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