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Please don't let it end like this. Please bring him to his senses and realize how hurtful he's being to me. Please bring my baby back to me so we can mediate this situation. My heart is broken. I love him so much but I couldn't let go even though he treated me so bad towards the end. I love him Father. But I need to learn to let it go. I forgive him for hurting me so bad. Him giving up and walking away from me hurts so bad because of how he said but please help me not blame myself Father. You know my heart. You know I would've done anything for him and keep him happy but I lost myself along the way and he took advantage of my love and loyalty. I want to just let go because he doesn't deserve me anymore. He's changed after being w his friends and his friends were killed. I stayed with him. We're kidding ourselves? It was real and we know that but he's so mean to me now again and so cold. After everything he can just walk away from us? Lord I need love from myself. When did I stop loving me? I gave him too much of me. I trusted him. Lord, please hold me as I try not to apologize and fix it like I usually do. Help me be strong. Forgive me Father please for the harsh words I said in the end and for putting my relationship before you. I shouldn't have been trying to please him. I should've been trying to please you instead. You know my heart and how much I loved him. Please help me to forgive him for how he treated me. Have mercy on him Lord I beg. I pray that you help me love and find myself God. I trust that all of this is for a reason. It hurts so bad to let go of a love of 4 years but please show me favor Lord. Keep the pain away. I have to let it all go. Hold me Father. I am so hurt even after a week but show me your face God. I need to see you. Please. Show me your hands. Your love. Your mercy. Have mercy on him Jesus. He's hurt me so bad but I forgive him Lord. Help me walk away without looking back even though he broke up w me and hurt me w his words and actions. I miss who he used to be. Help me to accept that he's no longer the guy I fell in love with. Please show me why you've allowed me to suffer for the last 7 yrs. I TRUST YOU LORD FATHER GOD. I HAVE TO. I HAVE NO OTHER HOPE LEFT BESIDES YOU. Help our business and ideas prosper. In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN

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LORD rain down Your favor and miracles You are above all.

※Selah※ | on Apr 24, 2013


Anonymous | on Apr 25, 2013

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