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Plz pray ill stay strong n resist adult movies n masturbation I'm tempted n don't want to cave thanx

by daddys girl

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Its probably not good. But the greatest king ever had 7 wives and multiple sex concubines and was not condemned for any of that. ..he had 6 wives before Bathsheba. God didn't say anything till he tried to cover up the adultery by killing Uriah ..the point is he had 6 wives and 10 or so concubines before Bathsheba and God was with him durring that time and wife are Christian and have been married 30 years enjoying porn ..just be honest and trust God. I think God is concerned about the heart. Not so much sins of the flesh ..but follow what you believe God is telling you to the letter.

Anonymous | on Apr 22, 2013

Yes people fall short, can backslide and make mistakes. But as a christian it's no excuse to freely make choices to live a life of sin. Yes God loves you hia son came and died for us all. But God hates sin, sin is darkness that separates us from God. We should be compelled by the cross to strive for the impossible a sinless life even though we know its futile and our efforts are filthy rags. Why? Because that'd what he calls us to do. Its what God wants us to be lovingly obedient to him because his our God. You're doing the right thing praying for help from these temptations.

Anonymous | on Apr 22, 2013

-here is what you do ..follow whatever the holy Spirit tells you to do ..what you think God is telling you do it. If you want to stop watching it must redirect your mind ...renew your mind daily read the bible and pray (constantly) where ever you are or doing NEVER STOP TALKING TO GOD AND YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING HE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO DO. .START TODAY BEGIN A NEW ..TALK TO GOD ALL THE TIME ALL DAY LONG AS YOU WOULD A FRIEND. JUST TELL HIM WHAT'S GOING ON. HOW YOU TALK TO YOUR FRIENDS TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT ..HAVE CONSTANT CONVERSATION WITH GOD!!! YOU WILL BE OK LOVE YA BROTHER MOST MEN HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM U ARE NOT ALONE.DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT JUST CONFESS IT AND TRY ..CONSTANT CONVERSATION

Anonymous | on Apr 22, 2013

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