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Before I believed in you, I was naked, ashamed and held down by the enemy. The enemy prowls like a lion, circling his prey, ready to pounce the millisecond the opportunity arises.

But you Lord, you have given us the armor of God so that when the enemy attacks, we extinguish the burning arrows with our faith, our mind is protecting from the lies, our hearts are protected from treachery and our feet are ready to heed your word.

You have given us command and authority over demons. You sanctify us and free us from the enemy, who we believed to be powerful, to make him powerless in your name.

God, you give us the Sword of the Spirit and we say that it is the only offense we have against the enemy but I feel that even the way I talk about it is a defensive offense.

Similarly to armor, that allows the attacks to bounce off of me, I've seen it as a baseball bat, swinging and warding away the things that attack me.

That is not why you gave me the Sword of the Spirit. You gave me the Sword of the Spirit so we could go to war!

You gave me the Sword of the Spirit so that we can raise an army of disciples to equip them with the same armor and sword so we can invade the Kingdom of Satan who has many people enslaved and chained to DESTROY the bonds of sin on them and set them free.

Jesus, let this be true. Let the word of God be like a vicious, liberating sword that will wreak havoc on any demon that even so tries to tie up our brothers and sisters.

Let me swing this sword fearlessly, tirelessly, with FULL FAITH in knowing that we are fighting for the souls of others!!

I'm getting such a powerful image of invading the enemy's territory destroying all that he has with the sword if the spirit, freeing captives by am shattering the chains with your sword. These people were filled in all black but once the sword broke their chain they regained all color and life.

Let us go! Lord give me the faith to shatter chains! In your name, Father, give me the ability to have this faith! I believe your sword does this! I believe this is why you've given us the Sword!!

Let me free the captives! Let me start seeing the spiritual realities and principalities! Let me exercise this power and authority in the protection of your armor. Send me, Lord! With the shield of faith on my left and the sword of the spirit on my right.

Let me start with my marriage. Lord show me how to shatter and destroy whatever chains, bonds or ungodly habits that have developed. God, we need not be scared of nervous, but we move forward with a faith and shatters nervousness - we grow a confidence in knowing that we have nothing to be afraid of since you are here and we go boldly knowing he has no power over us.

There is no one like you there is no one else.

I love you, Father!

Show us your glory!!!

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