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Who am I Lord... that You call me Your most prized possession. That is just amazing. What is even more amazing is that, when we confess our sins to You, You forget them instantaneously. Wipe them away and I we are free! Thank You. Thank You for sending Your One & Only Son to die for me, someone so unworthy. Because if You would not have, I would never know what life on this earth would be. I would never know what its like to breathe, to see, to love, and to hold. Thank You ... You are so worthy beyond compare. Sometimes I wanna tell You all my problems, as though You didnt know them, vent to You as though you were the dumping ground to all my problems and complain to You about whats going on. Instead of worshipping You, instead of thanking You that I'm even capable of breathing. You know whats happening in my life.. and You know whats gonna happen too! That is why instead of complaining (what the enemy wants) I will rejoice and be glad in You, trust You, and when adversity comes, I will praise You outloud to let the enemy know I am not falling for his nasty, slimy little trick. I will sing outloud praises to You, because where ever there is YOUR Name.. Your prescence is there to win the battle. Hallelujah! How I love You! How Your Word has changed me and You continue to use me. Oh how I long to see You and hug You...and never let You go. I put my business in Your Hands, my education, my job, my finances, my family, my true friends in Your Hands to keep them safe and guide them and to bless them. I declare my financial situation turn right around into prosperity and abundace. I declare that people on this app-their financial situation turn around and that they will see a change... an overflow in their income. They will see change in their loved ones, Change in their current situation!!!! I declare this in Jesus Name, which is THEE Highest Name of all!!! And All things are possible in Him && only in Him. We must believe but also speak it out loud and believe the situation is turned around before it even turns around. Believe that our finances has changed before they do.. believe our current situation with something, or someone has changed before it does!! No matter how hurt we feel, no matter if we aren't seeing or experiencing change.. our Father loves to surprise us. Even if the situation doesn't get fixed or changed the way we wanted it too. Dont you worry or fret.. God is in control-give Him the wheel. He loves you and will surprise you. Oh Holy.. Holy are You Lord. Those problems will turn around and you will be happy.. you will be financially steady and alright. Those bills will be paid off. Because you are a child of God. Stay in tune with Him. The enemy will attack as hard as possible once you have decided to run with God and trust Him. But keep pressing on. And in the end you'll have victory!!!!!!

Oh Jesus, I just want to be in Your presence at all times. Please keep using, dont leave me. Dont let me be engulfed in my problems and not focus on what Youve done for me and what Youre trying to do and change in my life. Oh how wonderful You are.

I love You. Amen.

by Elizabeth. [email hidden from spammers]

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God bless you for the prayer and also for trhe encouragement.

k gray | on Mar 11, 2010

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