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Lord, how can You love me? After all the wrong i've done. I keep messing up time and time again. I wish I could start my life over. I am in debt, I need to grow up, and I just keep going back and forth. How can you love someone like me?

by Muzicman

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How could God love someone like Paul who killed and persecuted christians? How could He love peter who wouldn't even stay awake to watch for Jesus the day of Jesus crucifixion and then he denied christ three times as Jesus was facing His death? Peter did Jesus dirty, how could He love him!? How could God love david who was an adulterer and muderer? How could He love rahab, a prostitute? How could he love Jacob who deceived his blind and dying dad to steal his brothers blessing!? How could He love jonah who flat out refused to obey God and just decided to run away from Him!? How could He love adam and eve who brought sin and destruction in the world to all mankind? How can He love any of us who are all filled with sin to the extent that He says our righteousness is as filthy rags? He loves you for the same reason He loves all us sinners. That you can bank on. His love is not limited because He IS love according to the BIBLE.

Anonymous | on Feb 03, 2013

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