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As I sit here in silence feeling so lost I have been stressing for several weeks about school work my extenship and especially my finances. I have been unemployed for almost a year and a half in that time frame I am drawing unemployment. Granted its never enough but it helps some what someone is always getting shorted when it comes time to pay. As the bills pile up more and more at around 8:00 this evening my car was just repossessed! I barely have food to eat or gas to get to and from and I have 6 mths left before I complete school after two years of struggling im too close to stop now. I can even count how many roommates I hv had just to stay afloat and those ppl ended up screwing me over. My electric is on its way to being shut off along with my phone I dont hv my rent for this mth the cable/internet is about to be disconnected as well then I wont be able to do my homework. I feel like a bottom feeder a bum and im at the point where I feel like giving up. As I am crying I'm asking the lord why why are you allowing your child to suffer and struggle. I hv always had faith and trust and believed in you and only you so why is this happening. All I can do s ask why? I dont hv anyone to reach out to for help I feel so lost. I would never reject my God o put anyone before him so why am I being broken down right now? I pray that I will be delivered and that i'm able to work out something with my finance company about my car. The devil just had to creep in I hv been moving my belongings out of storage by myself all day and it had to be done by five. I was to pay my carnote by 6 this evening they dont offer online bill pay its either cash check or charge. So I tried calling to let them know I wld be by on my way to the hospital but unfortunately no answer and long and behold there is a tow truck in my yard. I was in total shock and disarray that this was happening. I tried calling the finance company again but once again no answer. I ask my neighbour to drive me up to the finance company to drop the payment off so now its just a waiting game until tomorrow to see if they will except the payment. I hv 3 more payments left after tonights payment gv or take. But I'm asking anyone who is reading this to say a prayer for me that this will not be the end I need to know that God hasnt given up on me turned his back on me. I am still his child the one he created in his image please help me father as ask you in Jesus name to help me get out of this hole i'm in

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Suffer you shit.

Anonymous | on Jan 31, 2013

If you are part of a church I would go there for financial help. A lot of churches have funds set up for members of their congregation for this reason

anonyomous | on Feb 01, 2013

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