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Lord of God speak to me fall down like rain so I know that cutting myself like paper isn't the answer. I am depressed I have cut myself and I am a big mess! I need prayer just like everyone else. There are other people with worse problems and I understand that. Word of God speak so I know cutting is not the answer!!:'(

by Anonymous

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Dear Lord
You and Only You Oh Lord Know i myself can relate to this cutting or bitten or abusing your self during depression or anger and stress
and just like he or she has said yes it is not right
please Jesus By The Power of The Holy Spirit By Your Will Oh Lord Through Christ Jesus our Lord please help us and put many strong God fearing people or folks in all of us that all or going through this mess

i ask all this in Jesus Name Amen

bcraig | on Jan 22, 2013

You are precious to God and he loves you.

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2013

Someone must have hurt you to the core of your soul. I suffer from Clinical Depression severely. I want you to know that you are NOT alone. I know that may not be much comfort to say but it is important sometimes that we really realize that. We get tonfeeling isolated and lonely like no one understands us. My story is a long one but to give you an idea I will share this with yiu. Today is my father's birthday. I live in another state, away from my family. I never fit it. He cut me off for two years and we had just began to speak by phone, email, text, etc about a year ago. He has a habit of "cutting people off". His mom did it to him. My sister was my Maid of Honor at my wedding and when her wedding came around I found out through an email. I was never invited. She stopped communication. I found myself so unspeakably depressed last week and emailed my father (my father and mother avoid the who issue and pretend we are a normal family) I emailed my dad last week and told him my sister and I are middle aged and I am so hurt about us not speaking for years. It had to have been a rare moment but he must have convinced her to text me. But before she did, he made it clear to never mention God, Jesus, The Bible, Religion, or Church to her cause "she is turned off by that". It was odd because knowing she was not the religious type, I would usually wait for her to ask me a question about religion,etc. Then it hit me. Was that all it was? Because I try to follow Christ? For ten years! That was what I was being punished for? After much crying as usual...I wrote him back and told him unconditional love has no ultimatums. Now they are both pissed at me and I'm on limited income...I found a cute little Bonsai Tree yesterday online and had it shipped today. It was confirmed by Fed Express got there this afternoon....I emailed wished him a Happy Birthday but I'm still checking my email to see if he at least lets me know if he got it. It was supposedly left by the front door by Fed Ex... he never emailed me.. maybe it will be another ten years before they enail me again. GET YOURSELF A PUNCHING BAG. FIND A GYM .DO KICKBOXING.. GO RUNNING ..NEVER CUT YOURSELF FOR THE DEMONS THAT OCCUPY SOME OF THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY. GET YOUR ANGER OUT BUT DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON YOURSELF.. YOU HAVE BEEN HURT ENOUGH. THAT WAY WHEN ALL OF IT IS OUT..THE HOPE OF DELIVERANCE AND HEALING CAN BEGIN. MAY JESUS CHRIST AND all His Holy Angels surround your for eternity. If I get there before you, I will hold the gate open for you.

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2013

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