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Father God I am seeking u to deliver my son from drugs forever and restore his mind in the name of Jesus Christ. I come to u in Jesus name asking u to help him fight off these demons. Lord release your most powerful angels to war on my son's behalf in Jesus name. ABBA help him to not resist the help he so desperately needs in Jesus name. I release the power of Jehovah Nissi to go get the victory for me so that we may wave our victory banner at the enemy. I am believing u God for my son's salvation. I need u to defeat the enemy and win in Jesus name. Lord God. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my son's mind and I claim victory over his thoughts because u gave him a sound mind Abba Father. Line his thoughts with your thoughts. Father God let his ways be your ways. Show him your will for his life in Jesus name. Amen

by Daughter of the King

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Pray this with him or for it will help!

Dear Jesus!
I come to You as I come to no one else.
I am so sorry.
I have nearly thrown away my life, my body, my soul
%u2014through addiction.
But recognition of my addiction
has never given me power to control it.
You know this.
You never blame me.
You know the truth.
Addiction is an attractor field - a low vibrational level.
I wound up there because I was trying to escape pain,
Or I was trying to experience something transcendent,
And I got stuck.
But there is a better way to escape pain,
And there is a better way to touch rapture.
I can receive an authentic calling from You.
Therefore, I surrender myself to what I can be
%u2014to that highest level to which You call me.
I demand, now, in this moment, Father, that You call me%u2014that You call me loudly!
You call me and raise me up out of addiction
%u2014and into a higher level attractor field.
And as You raise me,
So do You raise all of Humanity out of addiction
%u2014and into a higher level attractor field.
Together we rise, as one force in You, one at a time and together.
You raise me because I deserve a better life.
You raise me because I am ready to be raised.
You raise me because the world needs me.
I rise and keep rising; I do not fall.
I rise because You need me.
I am Your Thoughts, Your Voice, Your Hands.
I rejoice in my inherent holiness.
For I am where You reside.
You lift me because I have asked
%u2014and because you love me so very much.
By Your grace, as I read this,
My mind and energy align with Yours.
By Your grace, the power of my mind
Is multiplied exponentially by all who read this.
Aligned with You, we are more powerful than any evil
%u2014 or any substance%u2014
Can ever be.
Together WE form a conduit of love.
It reaches into my need for addiction and I am healed.
By healing myself, I help heal Humanity's need for addiction.
Joy fills my soul. My gratitude is infinite.
Thank You, Beloved Creator.
And so it is.

Ibis Y. Colon | on Jan 22, 2013

Thank u so much for this prayer. Right now he is currently in a hospital I am praying God bless him with the help he needs. He wants to come home but I don't feel its the best thing for him but I pray that the Holy Spirit is there while he flights off these demons in Jesus name. I have never dealt with this before and I will need help to help him. My faith tells me he will be whole again. I pray that he does not feel alone in there OMG. I believe in the power of prayer and satan can't have my son in Jesus name. The devil is a liar and the Lord rebukes him. Drugs cannot have dominion over my son's are any of my kids lives in Jesus name. I rebuke that jacket in Jesus name. Amen

Daughter of the King | on Jan 22, 2013

Amen! Everything we go thru is meant for us to learn and grow from it and make us better people! I m sure your son will come out this twice the person he one was and a warrior for Jesus cuz he has lived and without a test you can't have a testimony! Just don't let him come home until they release him! God bless you both!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Jan 22, 2013

Thank u for the words of encouragement. God is on the throne and thank everyone agreeing in prayer for my son's deliverance from drugs and its demon possession. I believe this too shall pass because although I have suffered a lot I am glad to announce God's goodness! I still love him and honor him.

Daughter of the King | on Jan 22, 2013

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