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My God, I am absolutely done this time....I feel like such a fool. I truly thought Lauren loves me and we both have seen you do some amazing miracles in our relationship but I feel like this is the last straw. After we finished our worship service, she goes over and talks to her ex boyfriend and her mom and just completely ignores me. She did not think to bring me over to say anything but she just left me by myself. There has always been a issue with her family. They do not approve of us just because of my color and they absolute just love him. They have never once given me a chance to get to know me. Her ex boyfriend is not a bad guy and I do not know him so I can not say anything bad about him. I know that for Lauren he is the safe route. Her family loves him and he is this great Christian guy she says. I sit in her car sometimes and she talks about how attracted to him she is. Hearing her say that stuff makes me feel so unattractive as a man.I feel so broken hearted and betrayed by the girl who told me to trust her, but it seems when certain people are around and when she should have taken a stand for our relationship she just forgets all about me. She completely ignores me and just makes me feel so alone and that everything she told me was a lie. After all of that she then wants to talk to me after everyone is gone and tell me how much fun she had in the service with me. I was truly speechless that she could treat me this way. She says she loves me...this isn't your love u designed for me God. I have heard God show me us getting married she told. I am so unsure of everything. God I cannot continue to have someone in my life who would treat me like this. I am tired of being hurt by her. I just want peace and want to prepare myself for a women who will truly love me for me no matter what. I no long want to be ignored.....God show me that I am important. Help me see u are a God who loves everyone no matter who they are. Please let me see your goodness.

by Chase

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Brush of the dust,wish her nothing but blessings,and look for GOD to open the right door,it hurt me because it reminded me of what i went thru,,you sound like a truly great man,,love yourself,,walk away,,

*Selah* | on Jan 09, 2013

You can do beter

Anonymous | on Jan 09, 2013

Pray & fast

michael williams | on Jan 09, 2013

pray and talk to her. share what you feel and think. hear her calmly without interrupting. then both of u take time off to cool down, pray and make final decision to stay or move on in this relationship. if stay, what changes can be made? if move on, make proper closure for yourself and her. remember Christ loves you 2 no matter what happens...glorify God by using His wisdom. then obey!

Anonymous | on Jan 09, 2013

Always keep God first in your life and ask Him for the words when you talk to her. Explain how you feel and although you cannot make someone understand how you feel and you cannot stop your feelings, you are a human. God says not to roll over and play dead but has given us the divine power of choice.

Loving God | on Jan 09, 2013

She a whore

randy | on Jan 09, 2013

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