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I want to pray about the health of my baby my first little baby, my girlfriend is pregnant and her mom is making her get an abortion and i just need help please to just keep that baby safe i need anything somethimg to keep my baby okay )': and change that mothers mind...

by Anonymous

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Take her to get an ultrasound. Let her see the baby and hear the heartbeat.

Anonymous | on Jan 01, 2013

Babies are angels from heaven. I pray that the lord reveals to her the blessing that god has given her, that he opens her heart and mind to love and accept the blessings of a new life!

Blessed Mommy ♥ | on Jan 01, 2013

I agree...beg her, plead with her if you have to. Help her to see why choosing life is best! I am praying for you and may God bless you and your unborn child... and may Jesus and all the angels and saint form a hedge of protection around your child.

Anonymous | on Jan 01, 2013

I will be the practical voice here. I am guessing it will take more than showing a cute ultra sound or trying to convince the mom of how babies are so pure and sweet. This mom may already know these things since she is a mom afterall. I am guessing her concern is for the baby. If you want to convice her you need to write down a olan of how you are going to care for that baby and not leave all the expenses and responsibilities on her and you are going to have to do the math and pull yourself together becsuse just by getting her daughter pregnant you both have shown how irresponsible you are. I am not meaning to be harsh but helpful to you, You need a job anddo the math to show if that will cover expenses. Are you willing to marry her daughter. Are you ready to take a parenting class to realize the responibilities you are taking on. If you cant get a good job with insurance are you will ing to join the military to keep the baby because you have to take into consideration not all babies are born healthy. Some are born requiring big medical expenses that maybe this mom does not want to pay. Do you have any bad habits you are ready to get rid of for the baby like staying out all night partying or smoking or drinking or just acting like a kid at your parents expense. If the gtl doesn't want to marry and the mom does not want a colicky baby in the house are you ready to take the baby in your house and get up every two hours in the night to feed and change it and then go to work without complaining. What is your plan for childcare when you are at work. Dont assume hr mom is there to be your free babysitter at your beck and call. Are you ready to give up your free time and pleasures to give to the baby. These are the things this mom needs answers to not emotional appeals about how cute the baby must be she needs to know you and her daughter are going to stop this reckless and selfish behavior and grow up fast and take total responsibility not ninety percent but a hundred percent which means financial practical and emotional care.

Anonymous | on Jan 02, 2013

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