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Yes God, it me oh Lord again! In middle of the night while family asleep, just up thinking! Lord you have blessed a me in so many way, blessed me to get another job, Lord I still need you Lord to fix something for me! My older son is so disobedient, don't care about no one but his self, lord I'm asking you to guide him be with him, if I can't do it you can, he going down the wrong path and it not good! My mom and I, I just can't do it sometime, I got to stay away from her cause she about to bring me down and I can not let her do it, she will not let me raised my own kids and there no way I went thru labor and anyone raised them to talked back to me treated me like nothing, I have been there for my kids from birth! Let me raise them! Lord give me the strength I just got stay away! It's a must! Lord just be with me! Please I need you lord! I been doing everything possible to live right! argue is not going to get it these day! I'm so done with Family and keep trust in The Lord he will make a way! In Jesus name! I love you Amen!

by Pam↘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏ðŸ

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