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Dear Father,

Your Word says that you turn the hearts of rulers whichever direction you choose. My prayer is that you turn President Obama's heart totally and radically toward you. To my knowledge he does not claim Christ as his Savior and Lord, so I pray that you would lead him to that place. My heart hurts for the 1,000,000 unborn babies that will be killed in the US this year alone, and I'm grieved that over $1,000,000 tax dollars per day, some of which are mine NOT by my choice, will go to support Planned Parenthood, which performs a bulk of those abortions. I pray so urgently that you would change that. Help those who believe in your Word to stand against this incredibly huge injustice. Please remind me often to pray for my governmental leaders and for this nation as a whole.
In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

by Anonymous

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Seperate church and politics. Jesus is coming soon, so prophesy must be fulfilled no matter who is president. Let's focus on getting our selves ready for the second coming that is my prayer. Things will only get worst, it's in the Bible.

Anonymous | on Nov 07, 2012

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