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Father my family and I need you desperatly.we need a blessing in our finances only you can give.we need miracles only you can so afraid we are going to loose every thing.we are getting deeper and deeper in debt.its my fault for this because of the choices ive sorry father please forgive me.they are not to blame.they deserve better then such a failer.i try to be strong but its so hard.i want to give up but I cant because of my family.we pray day after day and no answers come.father what have I done or we have done so wrong to not have our prayers said have faith of a mustard seed and you can move mountains.father we truly need mountains sorry father but im loosing said knock and doors would be open to us.father why havent any doors opened for us.father you said seek Iand you will find.father we are seeking you day after day .father you said ask in your name and it will be given.father we havent stopped asking.what are we doing wrong.father search our home and all of us. if any thing is keeping us from you or your blessing show it to us.father if we havent asked forgiveness from you for some thing show it to us.if we havent forgave some one show it to us.father im tired of being a failer in my families eyes.i want to lead them as you would want me me the way father lead me so I can lead them.father forgive me for not being the stewart that I needed to be with the life and things you have given me.father please change me so I can become the man you made me to be.father I have no where else to go no one else to turn to but you.father the stress is killing me.i barely sleep.father it takes all I can do not to break brings me to tears to see my family blaming each other for this happening.father im so afraid of loosing our home and every thing else you have blessed us with.father I pray that the settlement hearing is shceduled soon and it all works out and the money comes in soon.father the bill collectors wont stop calling and every thing is being turned off.father we are going to food banks and other angencies for help with all our so ashamed to have to do this.father please hear our prayers.send the answers soon.father please bless us so we can be a blessing to others.father we want to give back to all those that have helped us.father thank you for loving us for being there for us no matter what.for forgiving us and dieing for us.thank you for the blessings you will give and have given.i pray for our family and friends and the people on this app.father I pray you will bless them watch over them jesus name I pray amen

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