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Hear Oh Israel
The Lord our God
The Lord is One

Holy One

Wonderful One

Almighty One

Glorious One

Hear Oh Lord my cry to Thee
out of the many that war within me

Make me One
with Thee


My God
Rocks the hills with His thunder

My God
Pounds the shore with His might

My God
Hurled the stars through the heavens

And my God
Walked the Earth as a child

(Hundreds of Glorious)

Angels sang
as you crossed ore from heaven

Angels sang
as you came to set free

Angels sang
as you brought to us your Life

Angels sang
that in you
we might Be


The softness of the presence
Which caresses like a warm breeze
sustains in times of trial
soothes with a gentle hand

Not the ecstasy of joy
neither the desert of absence

But the peace which passes all understanding

You are with me
and I can smile upon this life


When we come to You we bloom
Like a bud in the springtime of the year
Like a rose in the summer of its life
We lift from in the Earth to meet the Light
And we are no more what we were
But part of You


Thou art All holy, Oh my Lord

Lead me to give to You
in my brother
Lead me to serve You
In my brother
Lead me to love You
In my brother

Thou art all in all, Oh my Lord
Lead me


My times are in your hands
And all my days in your keeping

You lift my feet from the stone
And take my hand in the darkness

Your meadows and woods are mine
And your waters flow through my heart

You are the glory and the love
of all Eternity
And I belong to You forever

You wash my feet with your love
and my soul with your spirit


Lord of Glory
You shine through the dark
Shine in that secret place
Shine in our heart

Lord of Glory
You breathe out your love
Breathe on our spirits Life
Breathe on our souls

Lord of Glory
You caress us within
And we are in You, my Lord
And You are in Him


The pleasures and cares of this world
Must not be allowed to take

The quiet time
The quiet time
The quiet time
With You

I know You thru the wonder of your world
and thirst for more

I sing to You your praises
And You fill me with your love

I soar to meet your glory
and fall before your presence

The quiet time
The quiet time
The quiet time


You made me

I saw You form me from the clay
And stoop to stand me on my feet
And then stayed there being close
To help me walk with You

How could I not trust You


God is a name
We use to identify You

As if to describe
A species set apart

But the essence of your being
Absolute purity in all your parts

What You are in all your Glory
Gentle, patient, peaceful, loving

Make You only in all creation
Worthy of worship and devotion

And so I fall before your brilliance
In adoration of your Being

And call You humbly from within me
What You are – in truth
My God

Lead me

Prune me

Use me

Take me


Cleave to Me
And I will never leave you

Cleave to Me
And I will show you love

Cleave to Me
And I will fill you with Me

Cleave to me
And I will bring you home

(praise the Lord)

Hallelujah to Thee, my Lord
Hallelujah to Thee, my king

That Thou would show us
Thy self
That Thou would show us
Thy Name

Hallelujah to Thee, my Lord
Hallelujah to Thee, my King

That Thou, Holy God
Thou Almighty
Would walk this day
with me


I feel You
in the things within your world

The gurgle of a brook
and a mighty ocean wave

The scent of a rose
and its touch upon my face

The mighty mountain’s proclamation
to the endless sky

A wise old tree where I can lean
and feel your love lift high

I hold your hand
as I travel through this life

And touch You
in the things within your world


You bade me to ask
For more trust of Thee

Then You gave me to trust
To set me free


Would that I
Could see life thru your eyes
All that’s best in every situation

Would that I
Could think on thoughts as you
Gentle, humble, patient in reflection

Would that I
Could feel as your heart teaches
Joy and peace and love for all mankind

Then could I
Live fully in your kingdom
By your Grace and Spirit
Let it be


There is no need
to fear from the enemy

There is no need
to hide in the dark

There is no need to
cower in corners

There is no need
because He does hark

The Lord is my strength
He is my shield

The Lord does battle
By the glory of his Name

The Lord is my Light
He is my Guardian

He frees me by the promise
that He will never leave


Take me
and fill me with Thy spirit

Take me
and shape me with Thy love

Take me
and make all that You will

No thought
No wish
No breath in life
But yours


The winds howl
and the rains beat down
and temptation opens
to swallow my Life

To the cross I flee
anchored to it in hope
To Thy power I cling
waiting Thy grace and love

And the winds calm
and the sea in me stills
and Easter comes up
in the Light of Thy face


Thou be Holy
and at Thy feet we fall

For we are flesh
and we are sinful men

But Thou lift us
in arms of sparkling Glory

And carry us
to a place we could not go

A place
to be with Thee in stillness

And Light


Only You
can give me courage

Only You
can make me stand

Only You
can draw me to You

and Only You
take me to Him


Just You
take away the wants and wishes

Just You
take away the fears and doubts

Just You
take away all of the anger

Just You
take my heart
for all times


A caterpillar is touched
and yearns to fly to you

Yet You force it not
nor spin it the cocoon

Does it ever think
to crash out and turn back?

Or fear that You
can really change it hence?

Help me to soar
wrapped in the arms of faith

Till You can make me
as You would have me be


Out of You is Light
and that is where the Life is

Out of You is Faith
which grows the more we see

Out of You Is Grace
that covers and protects us

Out of You is Hope
by which we come to Be

You are the Love:
where You dwell
what You do
who You are

Bring us To Be like You
to see and feel and touch You

United with You in Life
as true and pure as You

Draw us, draw us onward
to be with You, and live to You

To be pleasing to You forever
when we see You as You Are


When You touch me
all else recedes

This place
this time
this life

I am with You alone
once more
whenever You draw near

It is my joy
this time with You

It is my breath
and being

Cleanse me, refine me
to purity

That I may never leave
the Union


Thy Will
not mine
is a place to take my cares

Thy Will
not mine
is a place to leave my wants

Thy Will
not mine
is a place to lay my head down

Thy Will
not mine
is a place to leave my life


You asked if I wished
to walk right before You

And wakened me up
to what life could be

Each step directed
my eyes as yours see

Breath stopping
Poured out to Thee

(and remission of sins)

said He
for you have wounded you
said He
for you have wounded Me

said He
and I will reveal your self
said He
and I will reveal Me

said He
and I will cleanse your sin
and I will break your bondage
and I will free your soul

said He
and I will draw you to Me
said He
and I will draw near you

said He
and I will take your hand
said He
and I will make you Love

said He
and I will bring the Kingdom
and I will bring my fruits
and I will bring the new man

said He
and I will show my glory
said He
and I will make us One


You laid aside
the honor of King Universal

You laid aside
the worship of heavenly throngs

You laid aside
the peace and joy of heaven

And crept in
as a child upon this globe

You laid aside
the might that formed the heavens

You laid aside
the glory of all You are

You laid aside
the dominion of all existence

And reached out
from a cradle in the straw


The Holy Spirit of God walks with me
He lightens my step and lifts my heart

He is Jesus, who walked the hills of Galilee
and gave me a glimpse through the door of heaven

He is my God, who walked with me in the garden
and loves me through all times

My soul doth sing with His Glory and His love
My hunger and thirst are filled
with the water of His spirit

The Holy Spirit of God is the Light of my life
and He is my friend forever


How can I tell you of my love for You
It lifts from deep within and soars to meet your glory
It breaks as rising waves
upon the brilliance of your holiness
It carries me on high to mingle with your love

My heart is stilled
My breath is gone
My spirit here no more

Take me, my Lord, to ever soar
held gently in your love


When I sink at last
Before the glory of your presence

When I come to you
Out of this world’s flights and falls

When I sing to you
My soul’s humble adoration

You reach down
And bathe me in your love


To live to Thy good pleasure
is a love song


When I leave You
And wander after my own concerns and hurts

When I journey
to a land to try things on my own

I get caught
In webs of loneliness and sorrow

But when I wake
And turn my footsteps home once more

You are there
Running out to meet me with your love


Oh, my God and hope
My beloved above all others
My king, whom I adore
My everlasting love

That Thou would create me
With something Thou desireth
That Thou, my Lord would treasure
My gift above all others

You gave me life and breath
And all your glorious loving
But none of these as precious
As that most holy gift

For Thou has given me
Free will – of all thy creatures
And with that I can give
Myself and all my love

All praise to You my glory
Who has all and gives all to me
That Thou would leave me a treasure
That I can give to You


I yearn for You – Lord
I yearn to worship You in spirit

I yearn for You – Lord
I yearn to know You thru your words

I yearn for You – Lord
I yearn to follow all that’s your way

I yearn for You – Lord
I yearn each breath
To love You more

You are my Father
I recognized You of a sudden
And find such belonging
in the knowing


We pray Thee to show us
of Thy Holy Glory

We pray to know Thee
in all of Thy parts

We pray Thee to feed us
with the food of Thy person

Yet when we glimpse Thee
on our face we must fall

I have tasted of Thee
And Thou art like oil to my soul


Thou art there
When I fly up to meet Thee

Thou art there
When I descend to the depths

Thou art there
When I walk thru this lifetime

Thou art there
And in Thee can I trust


The blessing of giving
our will to another

The blessing of giving
To another’s desire

The blessing of thinking
of another before self

Is the blessing of giving
our will to God

When we will submit
and think of another

As a practice to make
our will subside

And when we shall give
to what is before us

Our hearts shall be pure
and we shall see God


The times alone with You
Make up the moments of my life

The communion and the love lift up
Where I always would dwell

To encircle me within your arms
My cheek upon your chest

To walk with You, my hand in yours
My head laid down to rest

Your love flows out and fills me
So that I have more to share

What You give to me is so much more
Than ever I could dare

The times I have alone with You
Make precious my life here


“Courage” calls up pictures
of soldiers and dragons

But Thou show us courage
as patient and kind

As turning from worry
And self centered longings

As turning to trust
And acceptance of Thine

Always looking up
To Thy goodness and wisdom

Not fainting

Till Thy coming
Ends time


Oh my Lord, my soul
my beloved above all others

You wrap me in your love
and cover me in your essence

You spirit me away
and take me to Another

How can I magnify You
when You have already been

You came to take our hands
and lift us from our dying

You lead us through the desert
and cleanse us from ourselves

You mingle with our souls
and carry us in the darkness

All glory to God on high
And on Earth
Hope to men


The evil is a separate part
and tries to raise its ugly head

But I sink back into your arms
and watch it as it flees the Light

And know if this can happen once
it can happen for all time


is a word
that gives wings to my spirit

is a word
that carries me in high

is a word
that breaks open the heavens

Is a word
Word of Life


When Thou dost come
and fill this body

When Thou drivest out
all of the old

Then we will reside
again in Thy Paradise

This life passed away
made new in Thy love

Art the kingdom

art the Light

art the city
of the Glory of God

We shall behold
no more all our sorrows

Thy face we shall see
and we shall be home


Come Thou my Lord
our Bridegroom eternal

What more could we want
than to have You here with us

Rejoice you His nation
celebrate in His nearness

How blessed are we
now and forever

Prepare Him a feast
of ourselves and our giving

Come Thou, my Lord
and take us to You


When I resign my will to yours
all that comes to me is of You

Whenever I give my life to it
it covers me and leads me

Your sight, your way, your plan
your all-seeing, all-knowing wisdom

Is brought to me when I wait
is brought to me as your gift

It is precious – Your Will
it is Holy

It guides us and molds us and keeps us

Make us to live so within it
that we come to its wholeness
to You


Show me the truth

What's in my heart
and what's in Yours
By your Spirit -
to lead to all truth

How to follow
how to love
and by your light
how to die

To want it
and see it
and speak it -
the Truth

As the guide to light my feet

Show me the Truth
for that is You

To be free from sin
to love


He stands before me
in stillness, in power

He stands before me
my Lord, my King

He stands before me
in all His beauty

He stands before me
and I am no more


I am a follower of Christ then and now
I walk with Him through the dusty roads of the world

I am in awe of His miracles
and his words, and His love

Through His Holy words
I can be there with Him
to see the person He was-and is

I am Peter, who could walk on water for a moment
And then fell from his own fear
I am afraid my own boat in this world will sink
Even though He is in it with me

I am Mary, who washed His feet with my tears
And I am with them when He washed my feet with His love

I am John who stands beneath the cross
and see His ultimate gift of love

And run with Him to the tomb
which is empty of all death
I have had Him explain great mysteries
of another way of life, another world to me

And I have seen that we can once again
dwell with God - in love

It is a new world when He is in it
And only a taste of being with Him for all times

I walk with Him who is with us


Oh the pain when I am absent from You
I board a vehicle of doubt and self will and unforgiveness
and travel to a desert where there is no water
to a void where there is no Light
to a land where there is no Life

Rededication and rejuvenation and realization
often accompany me
And so I am thankful for the journey

But I am so weary and lost without your peace and your joy
I am sustained because I know when I turn my footsteps home once more
You will be waiting
For you have promised, you will never leave me

The Lord of the universe helps me find my glasses
How much more will He help me find his way


The myriad of things You have made
Are to me such an awesome wonder
The fish of a million hues
And the waves that roar like thunder

The glory of bamboo and redwood
And the flowers both great and small
The stars strewn throughout the heavens
And the crash of the sea at dawn

But Oh, Holy Lord, thou Eternal
Not one of thy creatures is seen
When compared with the light of thy brilliance
That shines from without thy face

For in Thee rests all of Glory
All past
All now
All to come

Touch us that we might know Thee
And have Life in Thy love at last


Within us is another world
a temple and a cross

We come to Him within that world
to adore Him, repent and be changed

It is the road, the narrow road
that takes us to our Lord

We must but come and wait on Him
till He frees us from our flesh

The drawing near to hear and see
the way we are and can be

To stand in the light while we see our heart
and are changed by his power and grace

Out of darkness, free from sin
to live pure - with Him in love

The kingdom is within us there
to be with Him
and to see Him

Why would we ever want to be
other than there
with Him
as One


When He knocks
if we will open
He gives his Life
and all He is

Words and teachings
showing, cleansing
every moment
every day

In our goings
in our stayings
when we stand
and when we sit

When we wait in silence trusting
drawing, keeping, leading, loving

Always watching
In us
In us

Bring us to Him
to see Him
to be Him

One with Him
a new creation

Thanks be to God -
for his unspeakable gift

A Gift to You In Return

You left your throne and all its power,
To redeem us from our slavery to sin.

You gave us our life on the earth,
And now offer us life in the heavens.

Help us to give to you in return,
Our selfish nature to its final death.

Show us how to follow your lead,
To crucify our passions and our flesh.

Teach us how to live righteously,
So it pleases you and your Father.

Lead us in your footsteps,
So we will succeed, not falter.

So we can be one forever, together,
In your Kingdom of Love and Peace.

So we may walk with purpose pure,
To serve you and your holy desires.

Help us to give our lives to you,
Our lives as a living sacrifice,
Our gift to the Holy Child.

That you may rule
all our words and actions
as our Master
Eternal Lord and King.



This is not an ordinary prayer
But then He gave it to us
As a model of the way we should commune with Him How gracious He is that He would show us in a few ‘simple words’
The way most pleasing to Him
How we should come into His presence
And how to live our lives


To call You Father
has in it such wonder

That we of flesh
could ever be your children

Your holiness and glory
are so far removed from us

From all that we
by nature tend to be

But You came down
and put your arms around us

And carried us to You
on wings of love

And so we do
most humbly call You Father

While You see us as we can be
Through love


Thy will is like
a rose in summer

It blooms into something
beauteous to see

If we will but give
our will to yours

We too will bloom
to purity


As the day ends
and I walk back thru it with You

I can see it
thru your all loving eyes

None has wronged me
when I see with your clear vision

Thankful am I
that You see me thru those eyes


Your Kingdom
is beauteous, oh my Lord

Your Power
we cannot even picture

Your Glory
shines thru all eternity

And we would see them all
and dwell with Thee


Bring Thy kingdom into our hearts

Let us sing out
our love to your glory

Let us sing out
our love to our brothers

Let us give ourselves
to your pleasure

Let us give
ourselves to each other

Pour your sweet love
over our lives

And make us as
You’d have us to be


You are the bread
which sustains us in life

We feed on your Life
your words and your love

You offer yourself
as the food for our growing

We follow after
down life’s dusty roads

Feed us, my King
with your truth and your spirit

All else will follow
with You as our Lord


Let us not be tempted
to stray from off your path

Let not our pride
or resentment lead us hence

Keep us safe
with feet toward You drawing

Bring us at last
to kneel before your love


When we look at another
we look not for them to serve us
but we look for us
to be of service to them.

Before in **** we looked
for them to do for us.

Now in love we look
for us to do for them.

For in them we see you,
and a mirror of ourselves,
and we want to help
rather than be helped.

Thank you our Father
thank you my Savior,
for giving yourself to me,
so I can give of thee to them.



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