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Father God, I hate to even ask for prayer because when I read other people's prayer requests, it seems like others have far worse problems than I. Father, God please make my breast biopsy go smoothly and have a normal result. They are testing for Inflammatory Breast Cancer, which I am told is the worst type with the worst prognosis. My elderly mother is still struggling with the more common form of breast cancer. Father God, I need a normal biopsy because if I die, I have no fruit from the talents You gave me to give back to You. I am afraid to die. All my life, I allowed my mental illness to hold me back. I allowed my depression to keep me isolated and to escape the horrors of reality, I would crawl in bed and sleep. That was my escape and still is...I need Your deliverance. I had all of these good intentions but either my mental or physical health prevented me from achomplishing them. In the Book of Revelation, it states that no coward will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have been a coward. Being afraid to witness about Jesus Christ to others because all I have known in life has been rejection and I didn't want to be rejected. If people wanted to know about You or if I was amongst people who accepted You, then I felt safe and would have no problem talking about You. But if I was among people who I felt would make fun of me, I shut my mouth. I encouraged people over the internet but only because it was the safe thing to do. I haven't witnessed to my own neighbors! There may have been rare times that I have done otherwise, but not the majority of times. The sad part is, that even if You provide me with a normal diagnosis, I still do not know how to become courageous enough to be a strong witness for You. I need more grace than the average person. Father, You know also that I have a family in the physical sense, but emotionally and spiritually they are not there at all. They live in another state and wish to maintain minimal contact. I never fit it and will never know the exact reason why until I meet you face to face. So, I only have one close friend. I can't face all of this alone. I need you so bad. I know about You but I feel that I don't really know You. I have given my heart to You many years ago but I have no joy, only torment from the evil one. Whatever Your will is I accept it but I humbly ask that You give me the grace to be strong and not a coward. To be able to endure until the end. To take away this hurt that my family has caused. To help me forgive everyone who has ever offended me without the hurt returning again. Please help all who are dying. Extend to them Your saving grace. Please bless everyone on this app. In Jesus'name I pray, Amen.

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