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this is my praise to GOD,,

you, have taken me all the way from being a pagen,to showing me
that you alone have to be enough,
Friends may come and go, parents we deeply,deeply love,aunts, uncles,grandparents,husbands,wifes,girlfriends,boyfriends,money,
pets,houses,clothes,you name it,
they all turn to the dust of the ground,that you created,,,nothing is ours,no person, no thing,nothing,
they all are just gifts we share with you,,for whatever amount of time,
you only know,
The only thing that never changes,
is You,
You are from everlasting to everlasting,you always have been
and always will be,,
your ways are far from us to figure out, so even
when everything in this life seems to be falling apart,
we can trust you are a good GOD,no matter what,
i choose to believe you are absolute truth and you are good,
and you are a GOD
OF Love,
because love is
purely what
that's why all praise,glory,honor
goes to you,for that reason we can sing and dance like King David,
even when everyone else thinks we must
have lost our mind,,,
no we finely found out
i love you FATHER,
and want to live under your
of your wings,
with the faith of
a child,
Your child,,,



by *Selah*

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Your prayers truly lifts me up. I'm going through a lot right now with myself and my relationships. I want to.depend on God so bad. I want to surrender my whole life to him. Why I'm having such a hard time I have no idea. please pray for me that I find my way.

Anonymous | on Oct 27, 2012

Believe me my life doesn't look that good, but i have been renewing my mind in the truth,,believing what GOD says no matter what, my life is not sunshine and roses,GOD is teaching me to trust he loves me and is a good GOD,so i praise him even when my heart is heavy,not just when things are going my way,i want to know my creator,as much as he will reveal in his written word,

*Selah* | on Oct 27, 2012

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