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Dear heavenly father I don't have any where else to turn but to you. I'm so tired and stressed over so many things.I have made many wrong decisions and it has hurt my family.our finances are terrible.we are getting deeper and deeper in debt.father I can't pay my bills and bill collectors keep calling and things are being shut off.We are going to food banks and getting help to pay our electric and other bills.father we are going to places to get basic amenities.father we even had to go to places to get free school supplies and tennis shoes for her daughter.father I'm the only one working and things at work aren't going that well and I may not have a job soon.father I have borrowed money from my sick mom who is only getting social security and I can't get it back to her and upset the rest of my family.father I'm such a failure that I can't take care of my family.father we pray day after day for your leadership in our lives and answers to prayers.father I'm trying to lead my family but I can't do it alone.father I feel so stupid for getting my family into this situation and not being able to find a way out.father my girlfriend can't work because of a disability and she has been fighting to get her social security for four years because of lawyers not doing their jobs.father it seems every day we are getting bad news and we just don't know how much more we can take before we break.father my girlfriend has to go in the hospital for a week for so many tests and we are so scared of what they may find.father we are trying to be strong and to trust and believe that you will get us through all of this but it's so hard.father my girlfriend and I are barely sleeping or eating and every one is blaming each other when it's my fault.father I pray for your forgiveness in our all our sins known and unknown.father the financial burdens we have are many and we are praying for blessings for them.father we are praying for healing for my girlfriend for her health problems.father we are praying for our family to grow stronger in our relationships with each other.father we don't want to loose our home and all we have because of the choices I made.father we pray for our family and friends that you will be with them and bless them and be with them in the time of their needs.father we pray for all on this app that you will bless and be with them in all of their needs.father you said that any thing that we ask in your name it will be given,we are asking for these things.father you said seek and you will find,we are seeking you and the blessings we are praying for.father you said knock and the door will be open,we are knocking please open the door for us. Father you said if you had the faith of a mustard seed you could say to the mountain move and it would be moved.father please move the mountains for us.father we are laying these burdens at your feet and praying that you will answer our prayers soon.father i am so ashamed of where i have gotten my family.father I feel I'm such a disappoint I'm my families eyes and I don't know how to make it right.father I'm sorry that our faith isn't as strong as it should be but we are trying and it's so hard these days.father I pray that you will open our eyes to the things you are doing in our lives.father I pray that you will open our ears to let us hear the answers to our prayers.father I pray your holy spirit will fill us and lead us from this day forward.thank you father for the many blessings you have given and will give.father thank you for loving us even when we didn't deserve it.father I praying all of this in your holy name amen

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