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Testimony and miracle: I had 11 dollars to my name. I had to get 5 for gas to get to library to type up resume. So I went in store Todd the guy how much I wanted, pointed to my car paid for my drink and thought paid for gas. I was on the phone not realizing he didn't here me about the gas. So I pumped my gas and sat down in car knowing it would pop off once it hit 5. So i'm talking and realized the pump had not stopped I got off the phone looked back and it said $41.48. I was like omg. So I went back in and asked him y he didn't set the pump and he said he didn't here me. I was like y turn on the pump when we suppose to prepay. He said because I know u lil.. Long story short I was worried.and frustrated and embarrassed because I didn't have the money. The cashier said it was ok that he would make a ticket and I could pay later. BUT GOD, a old man mustve seen how frustrated I was and he walked up to me and asked me how much did I go over and I told him and he pulled out some money and paid for my gas. I didn't know that man from anywhere but from the kindness if his heart he helped me and I thank God for him. Its amazing to know angels are around us every day and you never know when u will meet one. God bless that man!

by Singlemom

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God is good and he is always right on time ... Thank You Jesus

Ladii Starr | on Oct 23, 2012

Yes he is ALWAYS

Singlemom | on Oct 24, 2012

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