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Jesus Christ, if you do not deliver me and heal me, then I will not make it. I can assure You that I will never fulfill Your perfect will for my life. I will always be stagnant and never grow in life. I am supposed to be a witness for You. How can I be a witness for You in this state? I must come to You like Jacob who wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. I will continue to help others and try to instruct others to follow Your way but in the end I will be lost. Is this what You want Lord? Is this my destiny? My faith is very small and I realize that fact but do You will that I perish? Is it already written in Your Book? How many years, Lord? This can not be all there is in life for me. You know my heart and You know that material and temporal things do not matter to me. All I ever wanted was a sincere close relationship with You and an emotionally supportive family or substitute family. How long oh Lord? I am alone in this world. What is it that You want? I can not do anything without Your grace and if You were giving me enough grace then I would be able to cope. I can not cope. Where is your grace? Your peace, love, joy? You must be able to do something. Unless this is how it is supposed to be for me. Unless You will me to die like a coward consumed with the torment of depression and oppression by the enemy. I am beginning to think this is Your will because if You wanted, You could set me free. Jesus Christ could set me free. Why is it that You choose not to, Lord? I know I speak boldly to You but I am running out of all strength. The doctor suggests "shock treatments" for the past year and I keep refusing due to other factors. I take all the meds. If You can see that I am so tired why can't You just take me home? The enemy has been using me as a punching bag for years. How can I tell people of Your deliverance if I am not experiencing it? Perhaps, one of Your prayer warriors will take on this assignment. Maybe, somebody out there will stand in the gap. If not, then instead of allowing me to perish in hell, return me to the dust from where I came as though I never existed. I am sorry for having to speak to You in this manner. Jesus, in Your name I ask this of the Father. Amen.

by Anonymous

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Faith as small as a mustard seed is enough for Christ. I pray the lord takes your pain, because only he can truly handle the trauma. Self doubt is a big enemy. Please believe there are still good people. Sometimes theyre where you are at in this time-- trying to heal. But rest assured god is alive and loves every last bit of you. From- an anonymously good person. Hang in there, like I am.

Anonymous | on Oct 20, 2012

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