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God, Jesus...My Angels...Someone up there, HEAR MY CRY, FEEL MY TEARS. For the last two days I have been suffering from what I think is postpardum depression. I have given birth 2 other times and can not remeber feeling like I feel now. I has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SON. It is me. I feel like my Aunt is getting on my nerves, I want to just move and say to-heck with saving money, I miss Jermaine and Philadelphia (which I just left and dont like PA), I miss not needing any help, I feel I need Jermaine, I feel life has delt me a bad hand... This is not me. I am humble, grateful, sassy but loving, I like things my way when I work hard to make them my way, I am the strongest person alot of people know so God what is wrong with me. My comedy movies on Netflix are not working tonight. I dont even want to take a pain pill as it feels like I am running from this. I need to to tell me what to do. Do I need to ask doc Benjiman for some birth control with high hormones tomorrow when I get these stamples removed? I am loosing my mind. This is really getting to me. I have ran through to many boxes of tissue. Help me father.
Your daugher,

by Mersadies

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Peace dear. God will provide

Roz | on Oct 08, 2012

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